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Buy CSGO accounts for sale & CSGO prime Accounts from Csgo Smurf Ninja, the leading market place for CSGO Prime Accounts and Service Medal Accounts. A look at our products from each category:

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Buy CSGO smurfs at an affordable price from CSGO Smurf Ninja.
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Our CSGO Ranked Accounts are 100% authentic and genuine. No cheats or bots have been used.
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Instant Delivery

Once you make a purchase, you get your delivery instantly without any delay.
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100% Legit

We have been on the web for more than 3 years. It has always been a privilege to serve all our clients worldwide. It has brought us an incomparable reputation.
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We are trusted and acclaimed by a lot of CSGO smurf account holders worldwide.
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24×7 Support

You can always rely on our live support for any kind of assistance.
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