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Why waste your time when you have CSGO Smurf Ninja one click away? We offer you the best CSGO smurf accounts at a considerably low price. Our dedicated team focuses entirely on the user’s experience. We can assure you that the purchase process is safe and simple. Plus, you get our quality support if/when facing any trouble.

You can check and buy CSGO accounts from our massive stock. You can get both ranked and unranked accounts from our store. Buy these CSGO smurfs account now from us and start availing the benefits in no time.

Our available options are:

High Quality Accounts

With our CSGO smurf accounts, you won’t have to worry about security. Here you are always under the protection of our expert team, who leaves no effort to ensure your safety. We use every proven method to boost your accounts while ensuring your security at the highest level.

Play the Rank You Deserve!

We believe in collaborative growth. So, you won’t be alone in this anyway. With our CSGO accounts kaufen, you will get to meet plenty of other pro players who value trust and ELO in the game. Thus, you not only play but also learn how to become a professional CSGO gamer.

Seamless Experience

When you buy CSGO accounts from us, you don’t only get an account but an experience to cherish. We prepare your account with our utmost attention and make it suitable for you before delivering. So, you will have a good time playing the game while we stand behind you for support.
Complete CSGO Smurf Ninja marketplace
You get a wide variety of ranked and unranked accounts on our marketplace that you can purchase anytime. We are here for your constant support. It adds a cherry to the top of this exciting cake.


CSGO Ranked accounts are matchmaking enabled accounts that let you choose the rank you desire. At CSGO Smurf Ninja, we offer you the best-ranked accounts with various play levels from beginner to pro. From our widely available options in the CSGO account shop, you can always purchase one according to your preference.

We are always at your service. Check out our available account options that start from only $1. So, you can buy these cheap CSGO accounts and start enjoying your game right away.


If you want a CSGO prime account, look nowhere other than CSGO Smurf Ninja. Here we offer you top-quality prime accounts either purchased or rank 21 boosted. What do you need more to experience the most superior gaming? Our prime accounts are available in every rank. With these, you will notice the significant reduction of cheaters.

Prime accounts are used as secondary accounts. CSGO prime account buying from our shop is relatively simple. All you have to do is select an account from the available options. Now, make your payment, and you will receive the credentials in your email—login into your newly purchased account using those credentials.


CSGO Premium accounts are the result of our team’s dedication and patience, focusing on CSGO Smurf Ninja’s trust factors. These accounts are far more superior to the previous ones.

You get rare coins, medals, loyalty badges, and other prestigious stuff in these accounts. Our team takes a great deal of time creating these, especially for you. Here are the CSGO smurf accounts that you would get under this tier.


CSGO medals are a sign of your hard work and dedication to gaming. When a player works hard and honestly, they get a token of appreciation with these service medals. So, it is a matter of time, patience, and dedication to collect all these.

You will need to get to the global rank 40 from recruit 0 to get a medal on CSGO. Why waste your precious time when you have a shortcut? CSGO premium accounts in our shop offer you accounts with medals. You can show this account to your friends and receive endless appreciation and respect.

               – CSGO HIGH TIER ACCOUNTS

Even if you think that you can achieve CSGO premium accounts with your dedication, getting a high-tier account is much tougher. It requires your total commitment to the game and the game only.

A player with CSGO high-tier account must dedicate most of his time, and only after that can he receive high hours, operation shattered web coin, and even a CSGO loyalty badge.

But, we have a collection of these extra-premium and top-notch accounts for sale in our CSGO account shop. You can get one anytime and start playing premium.


Buy CSGO Smurf Account & CSGO prime Accounts from Csgo Smurf Ninja, the leading market place for CSGO Prime Accounts and Service Medal Accounts. A look at our products from each category:


A CSGO smurf account has all those things required to be a CSGO smurf ninja. Without a high-maintained account, you can easily achieve the success you have always dreamt of. We have a variety of options available in our csgo account shop. With these best and cheapest CSGO smurf accounts, you can easily out-aim lower-ranked opponents and polish your skills.

Why Buy CSGO Accounts from CSGOSMURFNINJA?

–      Get an Instant Delivery

Anyone would hate to wait once has had made a purchase.  We, at CSGO Smurf Ninja, take good care of our commitment to you. So, we wouldn’t hold you for long. Once you buy a CSGO account from us, you get an instant delivery with the credentials in your email.

–      Wide Variety of Accounts

Establishing yourself as a professional CSGO smurf is not an easy job. You have to win 10 games to get ranked, whereas it takes approx 2 months to get a prime status. Why waste such a long time when you have a shortcut?


Here, at CSGOSMURFNINJA, you get authentic CSGO smurf accounts with various enabled ranks. You can buy a prime-account, non-prime accounts ranked from silver to global elite. You also get various high-tier accounts with various medals and coins.

–      Superior Customer Services

CSGOSMURFNINJA compromises with neither quality nor performance. We promise to be by your side whenever you need us. Our team is online 24/7. So, if/when you face any trouble with your account, you will find us helping you in an instant. It also means that you can buy a CSGO smurf account from our shop at any time you want.



If you are a CSGO beginner, you will find these accounts utterly helpful. Spin botters or new players basically use Non-prime accounts.


CSGO Prime accounts on CSGO Smurf Ninja are cheap. These are the perfect options for anyone looking for a cheap alternative to their main account. We have various rank-enabled accounts for sale.


Achieving medals in the game is no easy job. Players with medals put their whole time behind CSGO. But, with a Silver Medal account, you won’t have to dedicate that much. We have these premium accounts available with coins and medals enabled.


If you think you can compete for legends in the game or have the strategy to win the CSGO tournaments, consider buying a CSGO account of this sort. These CSGO smurf accounts can give you bragging rights while polishing your best gaming skills.


CSGO high hour accounts are the best match for establishing your gaming experience. These accounts are well-maintained with the dedication of our team. With these high hours, you can enjoy a superior gaming experience right from the beginning.


CSGO overwatch enabled accounts are the best choice to get a green trust factor. You can buy these best CSGO smurfs account from our CSGO shop anytime you want.

About CSGOSMURFNINJA and CSGO Smurf Accounts

If you are finding the best CS GO smurf accounts, look nowhere other than CSGO SMURF NINJA. We, at Smurf Ninja, focus on customer experience, trust, and dedication. You can find a lot of different CSGO smurf accounts in our shop. These accounts are all maintained by our dedicated team, with the utmost goal kept in mind.

Smurfing Made Easy with CSGO Smurf Ninja

It has never been easier for CSGO smurfs to enjoy the game than with our CSGO accounts. While you play matchmaking on CSGO, it becomes essential to consider the rank, game hours, trust factor, and prime status of your account.


Here at CSGO smurf ninja, we take great care of such factors and aim to provide you with the best CSGO accounts. You can find various options in our CSGO shop, from silver medals to coins, from prime to non-prime accounts. Plus, our CSGO accounts come with the Good Trust factor, and they are never reported.

–      Account Age

The age of your account plays a vital role in matchmaking. If you have an old account, you do not get to meet new players on the platform. We take great care of this and eliminate these challenges further.

–      Ingame Commends

Gaming becomes a lot more interesting when you get the perfect match. But getting this match depends on various other things as well. The person you are playing with is decided by the Ingame Commends. These commends also help to improve the trust factor in the game.

–      Gaming Hours

Did you know that gaming hours also affect matchmaking in some ways? The CSGO matchmaking system is aptly programmed. It matches you with people having similar stats like yours. Thus, it brings a unique taste of gaming experience and ensures that you don’t end up getting bored.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive, the Famous CSGO Accounts

Have you been wondering all this while what a CSGO account is? Well, if yes, then you are at the right place. Counter Stike Global Offensive is the full name of CSGO. Yes, you have heard it like CS GO more often, but it does have a name. It is a multiplayer game developed by Valve.


If you have ever been into multiplayer, you would know what a multiplayer game is and how it differs from solo games. Multiplayer games are widely appreciated all over the world for their outstanding features. You get to play with other players and compete in the virtual world.


However, CSGO has a twist in everything. CSGO lets you play the game for free with a non-prime account. You can further crisp this experience by purchasing a CSGO prime account and boosting your rank to 21. But, then why are you here? Let us dive slightly deeper into the topic and find what it is.

Why Should You Purchase Smurf or CSGO Accounts?

Apart from being one of the most popular multiplayer games, CSGO is also a very sought-after product in FPS gaming. Yes, you heard it correctly. The game you are mad about has a global reputation, with challenging gameplay and other features. So, it is a lot to consume for anyone new.


With the best CSGO tools, you can easily overcome these challenges. And when we speak about CSGO tools, we sincerely mean the CSGO smurf accounts on our site. When you buy a CSGO smurf account from our shop, you get 100% authentic tools.


CSGO smurf has exciting gameplay. It has a lot of skins, weapons, medals, coins, and a lot more. As you better your skills in the game, you get more advanced with your shooting skills. For all these, Counter Stike Global Offensive is highly ranked among all other FPS games like Call of Duty, Counterstrike, etc.


One of the best things about CSGO smurf is the player’s interaction. Like most other multiplayer games, you can interact with other players on this game. Our accounts are aptly maintained for better matchmaking, which gives you further exposure and a better user experience.

Importance of Authentic Smurf Accounts

Why should you have an authentic CSGO smurf account? Well, you can definitely purchase some cheap or free bot or cracked accounts from several sites on the web. But, those won’t be the authentic ones and will have more chances of getting banned. CSGO takes good care of this with their highly advanced VAN detector.


So, the only option is an authentic CSGO account. With a CSGO account kaufen from our shop, you won’t have to worry about this. Our CSGO accounts are entirely managed with the utmost expertise. So, you can have a variety of choices in our CSGO account shop with different player levels.


Another major benefit of having a CSGO smurf account is that you get a loyal customer base. It means that you will get the same treatment as other players who have achieved their position via playing. It is clearly a shortcut- but one that is worth it.

What is the Trust Factor in CSGO?

So, what is the trust factor in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, aka CSGO game? The trust factor in CSGO is one of the most crucial determinants. Your goal should be increasing or maintaining the trust factor in the game. It is as simple as an increasing point in a multiplayer. Let us describe it more for you.


Suppose your minimum trust factor in the game is 0, whereas the maximum is 100. Now, when you open an account on CSGO, you get 20 trust factors by default. This number then increases or decreases as per your performance. If you are loyal to your friends, do not misbehave with other players, and treat everyone respectfully, your points will tend to increase.


However, violation of any such things will lead to a decrease of points. Similarly, if you help your fellow teammates to achieve victory, you will get +5 trust factors, whereas winning yourself brings you +10 trust factors in the game.


Every activity of yours matters in the game. The time you are spending, how you behave, your skills, and winnings are deciding the trust factor. As you keep playing CSGO, your trust factor will keep improving too.

What is a Service Medal Account?

CSGO has many confusing things in it. If you are new to this game, you may mix everything up. When we talk about service medals, we mean a standard here. Service medals in the game create a different scenario for you. It is as if you have performed extensively well in an army, and so you get a medal.


Similarly, CSGO service medals are offered when you achieve a particular rank or level. Like most other multi-player games, CSGO has various ranks, with a highest of 40. To achieve a rank of 40, you have to be entirely dedicated to the game. It takes around 280 to 300 hours roughly to complete the target.


Once you get that done, CSGO offers you a service medal. Now, there are six types of medals available on the platform. You get one depending on your performance and commitment. So, keep grinding the game until you achieve what you want. The validity of these medals is one year.


Now, one of the most prominent advantages of having a CSGO silver medal account is that it represents your hard work and commitment to the game. It represents how well-skilled you are in the Counterstrike Global Offensive and increases the trust factor in the game.

Why Us?

You get to make a perfect decision only once in your life. And you should never leave than chance untaken. When you are here, you are precisely getting what you deserve. We believe in commitment and trust. We stand on quality and dedication. So, what we offer is unique and authentic.


By now, you probably have understood the importance of having an authentic CSGO smurf account. Our platform offers you much more than that- we have dedicated team members always reaching out for help. Our accounts are valid, authentic, and secured. The following reasons are why you should always choose CSGO Smurf Ninja over others.

Extensive Support

For CSGO smurf kaufen, the most important thing is support. CSGO is quite a high-standard game which is hard to understand in the beginning. However, with expert help, it becomes much easier. We declare ourselves the best because we have a dedicated team to guide you. Our team is online 24/7.


You can always seek help to choose the perfect account for you. Or, you can visit the available options on our site and discuss them with our support team. Moreover, if you are new to the game, our team will help you understand every bit of it from scratch.

Get Support with

  • Buy CSGO smurf account
  • Picking the best account
  • General Support and inquiries
  • Payment related
  • Activation of your CSGO accounts

But it does not end here. You can contact us for anything related to the game. We promise to stay with you all the time. When you buy a CSGO account from our shop, you will directly receive the credentials in your provided email address. These accounts have various levels enabled- from 1 to 18, with unique features, expertise, and various other options.

Instant Delivery

We don’t want to keep you wait to experience the best ever multiplayer CSGO game. So, we dedicate all our time to making our delivery hassle-free. When you purchase a CSGO account from CSGO Smurf Ninja, you get an instant delivery with credentials in your email account. So, you don’t have to really wait but stay playing right away.

Positive Feedback and Reputation

Reputation is what we hold so high. We have been on the web for quite a long time and have served a lot of customers worldwide. If you are a CSGO fan, you would know how exciting this game is. Thus, CSGO has taken a great deal to strengthen their anti-cheating system that is called VAT. VAT ensures that there is no cheating inside the game. If you use a bot or some other softwares to break the game, you will end up getting banned instead.


Our CSGO smurf accounts are authentic and maintained by real people across the globe. We have a variety of different cs go accounts for sale in our shop. Moreover, our constant support remains even beyond your purchase. Also, our purchase process is completely encrypted and secured. So, when you buy csgo account from our site, you get reliability, authenticity, and security.

Buy CSGO Account

After all these, wouldn’t you prefer having your own CSGO prime account? Or, how about anything that suits you better? You can get anything you want from our CSGO shop. But, CSGO Smurf Ninja is more about help than just gaming or business. Let us take you through the buying process from our website.


So, how can you buy the best Smurf account for CSGO from CSGO Smurf Ninja? The process is quite simple. Since you are already on our site, go to the shop section, where you can view all the different account options on our site. We have a wide range of different products, starting from prime accounts to the global elite.


If you are new to Counterstrike Global Offensive, we would suggest you start from a ranked account. If you are confused about which rank to choose, you can contact our support team. Our dedicated team is online 24×7. So, you can get help whenever necessary.


Now, once you know which account to choose, get ahead and make the purchase. The payment procedure on our CSGO Smurf shop is quite simple and highly secured. You don’t have to worry about any data breach or something. On successful payment, you will receive a confirmation in your mail. Following that, you will also receive the account credentials with which you can log into the CSGO Smurf Account.


If during any of these you face any trouble, our support team is a standby to overcome that. Also, we are committed to you even after purchase. Our after-sale service is highly-acclaimed among our customers. You can get your issue resolved in no time.


Also, if you are worried about whether you can update your account later or not, the answer is yes. You can always upgrade your account to Prime status.

Why Should You Buy from CSGOSmurfNinja?

What is so special about CSGO Smurf Ninja that you can trust us with all your money? So, here are some of the best advantages that you would find nowhere other than us.


Why waste your money when you’ve got us? The best thing about CSGO Smurf Ninja is that we share the same passion as yours. Our crew consists of highly dedicated CSGO gamers who understand the passion behind the game. So, we believe that there is something greater than money itself – the human bond. So, all our accounts are cheap yet authentic.


You can be a CSGO pro gamer or a newbie; we have every option for you. Our wide range of accounts with large stock is what makes us all the more famous. CSGO Smurf Ninja has a wide range of smurf accounts in our shop. You can choose a ranked account if you are just starting your journey. Or, you can choose premium accounts and play around with newbies.


We don’t believe in waiting. The more you wait, the more chances you start losing. CSGO Smurf Ninja is committed to delivering your order instantly. After the purchase, you can check your inbox and find the credentials there.

Why choose us?


Buy CSGO smurf accounts at an affordable price from CSGO Smurf Ninja.

100% Legit

We have been on the web for more than 3 years. It has always been a privilege to serve all our clients worldwide. It has brought us an incomparable reputation.


Our accounts are 100% authentic and genuine. No cheats or bots have been used.


We are trusted and acclaimed by a lot of CSGO smurf account holders worldwide.

Instant Delivery

Once you make a purchase, you get your delivery instantly without any delay.

24×7 Support

You can always rely on our live support for any kind of assistance.

Overview of Smurf Account

What are Smurf accounts, and why is it different from a normal account? A lot of people remain confused about the difference between a Smurf account and a normal account. A smurf account is used by someone having a higher rank who wishes to play with a lower rank account. In a normal account, the matchmaking system will always put you with a suitable match. Smurf accounts are basically for fun and to mess with newbies. But, the point is that if you want to play with a lower rank, you can do so with a cs go smurf account.

Several Types of CSGO Accounts

In CSGO Smurf Ninja, you get different ranked accounts that are flexible to play as per your wish. These accounts come with a lot of perks and benefits.

Account Types:



If you are about to start your journey with CSGO, Fresh CSGO accounts would be the perfect choice for you. These are some basic level 21 accounts having no rank.


If you are willing to play private matchmaking directly, you can choose these accounts instead of fresh ones.


CSGO Silver accounts are the most famous ones. It gives you a hassle-free gaming experience without battle confrontation.


If you are to take CSGO more seriously, go for a Gold Nova account. These accounts require good shooting skills.


If you think that you are quite comfortable with the game, these accounts are aptly for you. CSGO Master Guardian accounts are for those high-skilled players who are comfortable with new items in the game.


Every CSGO players dream about reaching the Global Elite rank. It is the highest rank on the game, which takes a lot of dedication and commitment. Hence, not all can reach the rank. But there is no denial of the many benefits you would get from GE rank.


However, you don’t have to long for this anymore. CSGO Smurf Ninja has Global Elite accounts available in our shop. You can always buy one and start enjoying the benefits right away.

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Why Choose CsgoSmurfNinja?

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Can I trust CsgoSmurfNinja?

  •  Our biggest victory would be gaining your trust. Our best-in-class service and products will definitely gain your trust!
  •   We provide excellent customer support and best in class products

What other accounts do you sell?

We sell * CSGO, * GTA V, and * Valorant Accounts at the moment. Do check them out.

What are the Benefits?

  • Our UI, Active Customer Support, and Lightning-fast delivery are noteworthy and we provide offers frequently!

How will I get my products?

The ordered accounts will be delivered to you by the given Email 

We have CSGO Unrestricted Primes in stock and Fresh PR2 Accounts as well.