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We are the most trusted & the oldest supplier to buy csgo smurfs & buy csgo prime accounts. All our CSGO Ranked Accounts come with Lifetime Guarantee & Instant Delivery. From Silver Smurfs to Legendary Eagle Master Accounts we provide them all with our technical expertise. Csgo Smurf Ninja is the only marketplace that provides you with our live chat support, buy old csgo accounts & cheap csgo smurf accounts from us today!


People Buy Cheap CSGO Prime for various reasons:


They are bought as CSGO Smurf Account to play at a different skill group or just to skip the cooldowns. Getting a 7 cooldown is not easy for any csgo gamer. People usually don’t wait for this 7 days cooldown to get over & just buy a csgo smurf.


Gamers are curious in nature, a lower ranked player wants to play with high rankers like global elites who just want to troll the lower rankers. High Rank Account holders buy csgo smurf to test out new tactics & weapons with lower skilled prime users. Practising the recoil control for weapons is pretty important and if you are a high ranked prime users it gets difficult to learn to play with new guns.


Hence, the demand for csgo smurf accounts & even buy csgo smurf is increasing day by day. Buy CSGO Smurf is also famous among hackers to continue playing even after a VAC ban.


Buy csgo smurf even facilitates this by providing them with the highest quality csgo level 21. In this Csgo Smurf Nation, you should buy a csgo smurf only from the Kings of Smurf Market & get your own rank from Csgo Smurf Ninja.

CSGO Smurf Accounts can range from 1$ to 1000$.

You must be thinking that is a very long range. Indeed it is, Starting from basic csgo non prime accounts which do not come with a good trust factor the accounts range up to csgo high tier accounts.

It is always advised to buy cheap csgo prime with the best possible trust factor so that you can queue with non hackers & enjoy the game, the way it’s meant to be played. In this range, you can find any type of accounts including csgo high hours accounts, csgo service medal accounts & even the overwatch enabled csgo smurfs.


As the gamers require these accounts immediately after the purchase to circumvent the ban, all csgo smurf accounts are delivered instantly.

We are an intermediary that gets the cheapest csgo smurfs from various corners of the world to ensure a good competitive experience for csgo gamers worldwide.

A player needs to play 10 games to get a rank and approx 2 months to get csgo prime status. Just by spending a few bucks, they can buy a csgo smurf & even csgo counter strike.

With this market one thing remains clear, gamers don’t like to wait. The digital gaming market has fulfilled that need & given gamers what they require within moments of actual purchase.


Buy CSGO Smurf Account & CSGO prime Accounts from Csgo Smurf Ninja, the leading market place for CSGO Prime Accounts and Service Medal Accounts. A look at our products from each category:


CSGO Prime allows you to match with other prime accounts csgo in the game, this was designed as a method to separate csgo prime status into new & old by dividing them into non prime & prime respectively.


1. To get CSGO Prime you can either purchase Prime Status Upgrade from the Steam Store.

2. Reach level 21 in Csgo.

3. Buy a prime account from Csgo Smurf Ninja.


Yes, you do! After the Loyalty Badge upgrade for Counter Strike Global Offensive the game went free for players worldwide which enabled hackers to make new accounts and not get banned. Buying CSGO Prime Accounts is totally worth it for anybody who wants to have a real experience of the game.


Csgo non prime is nothing but the free version of the game, being free invites thousands of players to the game.

Anybody who has ever played the non prime version of Counter Strike Global Offensive knows that they get matched with other bots, cheaters & players who are just throwing the game. Being a competitive game it is very essential to have players who communicate & strategize with you.


To get csgo prime accounts for free, keep playing and reach Private Rank 21, to unlock Prime matchmaking for free. It takes at least 50 days of focused gaming, which is quite a lot, to be honest.

To skip the long dedication you can just buy csgo prime accounts from Csgo Smurf Ninja.

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High Trust

We provide cheap csgo smurfs & csgo ranked accounts for saleat the best possible price. All our accounts are procured after strictly checking the sources. We ensure the highest quality csgo accounts, To get the best possible trust factor you should buy csgo high tier accounts which come with high hours, several medals & coins.



These accounts are usually purchased by spin botters or new players.


Check this category if you are looking for a cheap alternate account.


Looking for a better trust factor & a better profile? Visit this section


These accounts are for tournament level players & for people looking for bragging rights.


Buy these accounts if you are looking for high hours to establish your experience in the game.


The best bet at getting a green trust factor. Get overwatch cases to solve.


The real answer to this question depends on how often you need an account, for hacking you can buy anything from non prime to prime but for the main account you would need to buy csgo smurf high tier accounts.

Csgo alts or alternate accounts are used so that you have an extra account when you need it. You have to understand the purpose of buying these accounts.


A csgo service medal accounts or a high tier Account is earned when non prime accounts hit Private Rank 40. The easiest method to achieve PR 40 is by playing in the competitive mode in the official servers, it is the easiest way to earn XP.

The desired csgo accounts for sale. work like a coin and will show up on your display menu. After earning your 1st service medal, you need to work your way up to rank 40 again to win an upgraded medal that will be delivered instantly. You can upgrade your medal several times.

You cannot win 2021 medal accounts in 2020. The amount of XP doesn’t change when you get a medal.

To earn the 2021 medal you need to get PR 40 in 2021 itself, same goes for the 2020 service medal. You can also buy CSGO account with service medals and ranked Prime from Smurf Ninja Today. We sell ready CSGO Accounts and Smurf Accounts instantly.

Get a Smurf accounts for sale from us as they are also considered as a souvenir & a collectable. Medals are issued every year. It takes about 100-200 hours to get a single service medal. Once you get the medal, Your level will reset back to 1 then you have to start grinding again.

Once you reach level 40 for the second time. Your service medal gets an upgrade. In this way, you can upgrade your medal up to 6-7 times per year. As a casual gamer, you can upgrade your service medal up to level 2 or max 3 because it requires so much time and effort.

So, automatically having a level 6 or 7 Service medal of a particular year makes your CSGO ranked account valuable. Medals show how dedicated you were to CSGO in that particular year. Having a collection of service medals for consecutive years is worth a lot!

Due to the increase in the number of Buy CSGO Smurf Ranked Accounts hackers. Many people do think that Counter Strike global offensive is losing its master Prime player base and slowly dying.

But in real terms, this is not true at all. Valve Inc. Inc. and high tier Primes is too ahead of what the community thinks. There are several game modes like a multiplayer game, danger zone, prime exclusive matchmaking, etc.

Valve Inc. knows how to keep CSGO and silver ranked alive. they always release something new when the game tends to lose its player base. Keeping it alive. To learn more about how to get service medal in csgo visit our blog.


Absolutely Not, We do not provide any kind of cheats or hacks. There are several websites that will provide you with CSGO aimbots even CSGO walls free or paid CSGO esp cheap but you should avoid such free stuff. They will definitely get you an overwatch ban or a VAC ban. We only provide buy a csgo account

The paid csgo hacks have a higher chance of not getting you banned but they will still affect your Trust Factor significantly.

Trust Factor is really important to ensure you have an optimum gaming experience and you get matched with players who have the least chance of cheating.

IS IT DIFFICULT TO HACK IN Counter Strike Global Offensive?

Just look for undetected csgo cheats on the internet and find the best fit for you. Follow the instructions, Inject the software, enjoy the game with an advantage. CSGO 3rd party software injects their code into CSGO files.

Also, They modify the data. Modifying the files gives the cheater account details huge advantages.

By modifying various parts of original files, the cheating program gives you access to multiple features and spoil the gaming experience.

Also, Many time the antivirus detect the cheat as a virus. The reason being, it is trying to manipulate files present in the system. Cheaters ignore the warning. They disable the antivirus to avoid any issue.


VAC stands for Valve Inc. Anti-Cheat. Vac is a system by the Valve Inc. that monitors any Cs Go account for any cheating activity. It uses artificial intelligence to detect aimbotters after purchase an account. If you ever used them before in your steam account, there are chances that you will get vac banned.

VAC system works by actively monitoring the player’s system. If it founds, that player has installed any at least one of the original files. VAC system will try to inspect it.


VAC ban can come any time as soon as Valve Inc. decides that your profile is suspicious. You will get an instant vac ban & more and more false cases are being reported. Sometimes it takes months.

Sometimes it is blazing fast. Gets you an immediate ban. First of all, we should know what the VAC ban is? When you use a premium cheating program. The developers work consistently to make sure that VAC never detects them.

They keep on updating their program with the latest patch. Also, keep in mind that even after using a program you might get banned.it may not be the vac ban. You could get banned by the overwatch system.

Overwatch ban comes when the community of people suspects you as a confirmed hacker. If you were using the hacks too blatantly, the overwatch would detect you were doing that.


In this vast csgo smurf nation, all our CSGO smurf ranked and cheap csgo ranked account are outsourced by the gamers that are willing to sell their products.

We are the only intermediary marketplace that guarantees no Global cooldowns, VAC errors or overwatch bans and matchmaking ready accounts for sale.

All csgo ranked account purchased here are procured after complete verification of the First Email of the account.

We at Csgo Smurf Ninja give priority to procuring high-quality csgo smurf account from genuine gamers, We strive hard to become the best marketplace for gaming accounts for various games.

Our ninjas are always working 24×7 to buy csgo smurf as well as customer support to ensure in the end we have a happy customer who purchases whatever rank they desire prime gold nova, global elite accounts, prime supreme master first-class, prime gn1 and given prime gold nova master.


At CsgoSmurfNinja, We sell Csgo All rank in our store at CSGO Smurf Accounts at a reasonable price. Our goal is to satisfy our customers’ expectations and we strive for it. We provide all kinds of CSGO ranks to choose from:


To start the multiplayer game fresh & completely new with prime this is the go-to product for you. They are basic level 21 accounts with no rank.


To play the prime matchmaking directly in competitive mode buy this instead of Fresh Csgo Accounts.


Buy cs go silver smurfs which are the highest in demand, buy the lowest rank in the game troll! Nobody likes to play with a high ranker at this level. Experience the bragging rights!


The median & the cheapest csgo rank out there! you can buy the silver gold nova prime accounts as low as 5$ Get a smurf at this rate today!


This rank is perfect for gamers who have been playing for some time now & have basic tactics.


These are the pros which are high level even of their faceit accounts from us. You can learn more about is faceit free on our blog posts.


These are the best CSGO ranks you can attain. Only professionals and extremely good players play at this tier. Make no mistake Global Elite Accounts is serious competition.


Veteran Coin accounts are also valuable csgo ranked accounts. CS GO offers a number of Coins like 5-year Veteran Coin, 10-Year Veteran Coin, and Operation Coins. These Coins can be collected on various occasions or can be purchased from us with instant delivery.

The 5 Year Veteran coin is issued if you’ve been playing CSGO for 5 years and it works the exact way for 10 year coins too.

Other than these 5 and 10 year coins, There are operation coins. CSGO gets new Operations once, in a while, These Operations are to be bought from the Steam Store or in the Csgo Ranked Accounts Store where you can buy csgo smurf with instant delivery.

These CSGO Operations include Single-Player missions and Co-operative missions. If you buy this Operation, CSGO will issue those Operation coins.

These Coins are counted as a souvenir as all these Coins are hard to get especially the 5-Year and 10 Year Veteran coins. You can read more about the latest Operation Broken Fang 2020 in our blog.


Yes totally, steam allows you to have more than one account which simply means there are no rules against smurfing. gamers usually say cheap csgo accounts & cs go ranked account is against the game and they spoil the experience but the truth is there is no cs go without smurfing.

Several players get to higher ranks with the use of just 1 or 2 guns. In order to become a seasoned player with Counter Strike Global Offensive, you need to buy csgo account & have a csgo smurf account for yourself with instant delivery.

It is a difficult decision as there are too many websites selling csgo prime accounts but we need to buy csgo account cause we might need more than one.

Even for hackers csgo prime accounts is the most necessary to have. Just like skin collectors, there are several people who wish to collect cheap cs go accounts.

People also try flipping these accounts on the online marketplace for a profit. A game that promotes trading so much cannot rule out the option of buy cs go account with instant delivery.


You can buy Csgo smurf with a good trust factor from CsgoSmurfNinja – #1 website to buy prime ranked accounts csgo and prime se accounts with instant delivery.

We exist to elevate the gaming experience of our community. CSGO Matchmaking ready accounts need a lot of improvements as they don’t really rank the players they are supposed to.

We have prime the global elite players being ranked as a basic prime gn2. We exist to fill this gap and void. Account details are emailed to our customers as the payment is made.

Even the Veteran coin accounts are delivered instantly. If you are looking to buy csgo account, we are your only trustworthy choice.

Buy CSGO smurf accounts to enjoy the game.

Do you wish that you could advance faster in ranks and have better action in CSGO? Getting queued up against in ranked games by a higher skilled player? Most players can relate to being defeated continuously by more experienced players.

What makes it even worse is that losing streaks happen even to the more skilled you are. You’re a CSGO player, and you want to play some arena matches to unwind.

However, all your brackets are full, and you would rather wait than play at a disadvantage. You should be able to find games with other players who have the same skill level as you. Going into matchmaking, winning a handful of games, and then losing your rank?

Constantly grinding for ranks and praying to God you don’t fail? Not anymore!

Why should you buy CSGO smurf accounts?

Buy CSGO smurf accounts to have an alternate option in your gaming plans. Reaching the highest rank or getting better at a game is a goal that many strive to achieve. But getting it is not always easy. Sometimes you will need professional tips and strategies from individuals who have played the game for years.

But how do you find such smurfs? The answer is, to buy smurf accounts. A cs go smurf is a secondary account of a player in the game.

There are a few reasons why your friend may want a smurf account: they play competitively, and their main account is preferred to be used for rank matches; they do not want their rank to be shown in public, so they hide the ranks on their profile; or simply because they want something to do when they have time but not enough Gold nova 1 level just yet. As a new cs go player, one of the most difficult steps is moving up a rank.

Enjoy matchmaking with CS GO smurf accounts.

Over the past decade, Counter-Strike has become one of the most played online game franchises in the world. Now, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive expands on the classic multiplayer action with new content, moved teams and weapons, updated visuals, and a passionate global community.

Most CSGO players are usually good at playing heads-up games with newbies because they have a lot of time playing for gambling teams or playing in solo matchmaking.

When they make their way into ranked matches, they run into experienced and skilled players, resulting in frustration and loss of interest in the game. Buy CSGO smurf and enjoy the easiest way to change your rank so you can play competitive matches instantly.

Why Buy CSGO Smurfs at Csgo Smurf Ninja?

Team up with your friends and compete with professional players. If you are looking for matchmaking providers, CSGO smurf accounts are the best way to enjoy many advantages such as boosting rank, achievements, and loadout card. We provide instant delivery and 24 x 7 live chat support.

You can buy CSGO smurfs that belong to your dream teams and play with them. This makes your game more comfortable and allows you to climb the ranked ranks faster. We offer a large variety of CSGO smurf accounts with different ranks and even with weapon cases.

You don’t need to spend tons of money anymore to play for your favourite team! Open your door to the CSGO Smurf Nation by entering the arena of the future with a new arsenal of guns and gadgets at your disposal.

Advantages of Csgo Smurf Ninja for buying CSGO smurf accounts

Having a CSGO smurf allows you to get matched up against low-level players for a more even game. It can be stressful leaving your day job and venturing into the unknown when trying to win Deagle duels, force-buys or gaining triple kills against global elites.

Smurfing gives you an advantage over the lower ranks. By preventing these players from playing during their lunch break, gold novas like yourself will have greater control over your destiny.

You should not trust your precious account to just anyone these days. At Smurf Ninja, we provide services you can trust and rely upon with your business and your reputation. Are you having a hard time finding an authentic provider?

Just ask around, and you’ll see that our service works wonders. At Smurf Ninja, we guarantee customer satisfaction or full money back. We only use safe methods for protecting your account and are unique in our marketplace.

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