CSGO 2020 Service Medal Overwatch Enabled

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Csgo 2020 Medal Overwatch Enabled

The all-time popular game CSGO has many problems these days which players are facing in-game. The game is getting harder to play every day with the growth in the player base. Many good players are coming out every day who are skilled in the community. The game is getting tougher every day. If you need to get past them, you need to have an edge over your competitors. You cannot do that easily if you’re a beginner and player with an absolute fresh account. The game is filled with toxic people and players in non-prime accounts are very tough to deal with. You need something to make sure you play in the right lobby with the right player to up your game and compete. Non-prime is not suggested by any experienced CSGO player because of the fact that there are a lot of hackers in the game. But there is a workaround for that and you can do that by owning CSGO Medal Accounts with Overwatch. But what are CSGO Medals?

What is Overwatch?

Some players are playing an unfair game and using cheats to win the game. Valve cannot take care manually of each of them which is why the concept of overwatch is available. When you get over 150 competitive wins in CSGO and achieve Gold Nova 1 rank, overwatch is enabled in your account. 

Overwatch is a player with premium accounts that can ban hackers in the game. When a player is using cheats in the game but the VACnet doesn’t detect it to ban them, the players can report that player and he will be sent to overwatch by the player who can review the clip of the game and decide if they should be banned or not. Once a player decides it, they can report it to Valve who takes the final decision. This is one of the best initiatives by Valve to make sure every player has a clean and fair game. 

To get these overwatch, you need to spend a lot of time in the game to understand how it works and the mechanics. After getting many wins and a good rank, you are capable of deciding if the player is actually hacking or is actually good in the game.

How to get CSGO Medals with Overwatch? 

There are two ways to get CSGO Medals with Overwatch. One is you can grind day and night to get it which can be a tiring process for beginners or for people who lack time. If you want that experience instantly, you can buy these accounts from CSGOSmurfNinja. We have a wide range of these accounts ranging from silver rank to the global elite. There are multiple reasons why you should buy from us.

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What are the CSGO Medals?

To understand how these premium accounts are valuable, you need to understand the medal system in CSGO. What are these medals and how you can get them in your account?

CSGO has a concept for Private Rank which ranges from 1 to 40. These are experience points a player earns after every successful game. These games don’t need to be official competitive matches. You can play Deathmatch and casual to earn this boost. You might be aware of prime status in CSGO which can be reached by buying a prime account or getting your account to Private Rank 21. After you reach PR 21, you can play in the prime stats which is a premium gameplay experience on its own but players have also found a way to exploit that. Now you need an even higher level of prime accounts to make sure you’re matched with players in a similar category. This is where CSGO Medals come into place. 

Similarly like prime, you can get a service medal in your account after reaching PR 40. You need to give a lot of your time in the game to get these medals for the extreme premium gaming experience. People spend a lot of years getting a couple of these service medals in their accounts. CSGO has 6 levels of service medals in a year which can be differentiated by their colors. Every year valve releases new designs of medals to make sure the players have an engaging game and not get bored while playing. 

Benefits of CSGO Medals with Overwatch

Medals will help you play the game in the manner you deserve without any toxicity in the game. Another benefit of CSGO medals is you can show it off in the lobby and become a leader in the game. People tend to follow the guy with a premium account if you have a couple of medals in your account. 

Accounts with service medals are very useful in increase the trust factor of the account which makes sure you get the right players with the same skill set in the game. Players with low trust factors in the game often complain a lot about how they’re getting random rank players to play with which creates a disbalance in the team. Having a service medal account means the account has aged a lot and the trust factor is quite high. 

Combining all this with the power of Overwatch to ban hackers is a good combo you can have in the game.