Buy CSGO High Tier Accounts

Csgo High Tier Accounts

Well, you are familiar with csgo premium accounts but when premium gets ultra-premium , this is what defines buy csgo high tier accounts. Buy csgo high tier primes as a  person when he gives his total attention and dedication to csgo high tier primes, playing csgo most of the time in his life results in csgo accounts high hours, operation coins like operation shattered web coin & even a csgo loyalty badge.  It is a really difficult and time-consuming process to build a counter strike global offensive account with this much supremacy and perfection.

The collection of csgo ranked accounts includes: service medals, several thousands of csgo hours, pick’em trophies, operation gold coins, operation silver coins, operation web coin make a buy csgo high tier accounts extra premium and top-notch.

CSGO Accounts High Hours

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What are CSGO high tier accounts?

High-tier CSGO accounts as the name says is basically a CSGO account with very high standing. Meaning, the account has a very high rank, a very high trust factor, thousands of hours in the game, and a totally positive account. Pro players invest thousands of hours, master every single thing about the game in order to climb the ranks with a very good level of trust factor. These ranks are not achievable by anyone, only players of very high caliber are capable of achieving something this high. These accounts are very sought after by smurfers.

buy csgo high tier accounts

What are the ranks offered in the high-tier accounts?

The ranks offered are very high, starting from Master Guardian Elite or Master Guardian Accounts, Distinguished Master Guardian to supreme master first class, and Global Elite.

You definitely cannot get this high in rank without grinding tons of hours. And moreover getting a high-rank like SMFC with tons of goodies like Coins,  green medal, prime csgo  and much more at a reasonable price is really a catch. Why would you buy any other account when you can get a high-tier account with just a little more cash? Are you a famous Streamer looking for another alternative account to play? We got you covered.

What are Coins and how will I get them?

Coins are rewarded for achieving a milestone or being a part of an operation. These coins can be displayed in-game beside a player’s name and only one coin can be displayed at a time.

These are very valuable one-time collectibles that show how active and good a player is in the CSGO community. These coins are like treasure to coin-collectors who have been collecting them since the start of the game and are worth a lot.

Operation coins are coins you get by purchasing various operations that get released from time to time. You can upgrade these coins by completing challenges while the operation is active from bronze to silver and silver to gold. There are very rare since the operations are gone once and for all. They have a special sound when clicked in the inventory.

buy csgo high tier accounts

What are service medals?

Service medals are medals that can be displayed on your profile which is proof that you’ve played the game for a long time on official valve servers. A service medal is gotten once you reach level or rank 40. Once you hit level 40, you can get the service medal which will reset your account to rank 1 and you will have to start over. There are service medals based on years, like the Service medal 2016, which you can never get in 2017 or later. These service medals are very sought after by collectors due to their grinding nature and rarity of the medals. These medals, similar to coins can be viewed by others and are showcased in your profile.

You can also get accounts with loyalty badges as you cannot get them anymore. Old accounts have these loyalty badges and it’s impossible to get the badge now. So it’s great if you can get your hands on a high-tier account with a loyalty badge!

There’s also another type of coin rewarded for players who have been playing buy CSGO high tier accounts for a long time, these players get rewarded with a ‘5-year veteran coin’ and a ‘10 year veteran coin’. These coins can never be achieved unless you put in the time in that particular account. If a fellow teammate sees that coin in your profile, he’s sure to realize that you have a lot of experience, time, and effort on the game.

You will have these coins in your profile when you buy an account from us. (The coin available will be mentioned)

Not only do the accounts have coins but they also have service medals and loyalty badges.

Why buy csgo high tier accounts?

Generally, people buy CSGO high tier accounts so that they can have multiple smurf accounts that they can have fun in or if the previous account is currently banned. And hence pro or veteran players, instead of grinding again from the start, raising their trust factor and going through all the hurdles, simply buy a high tier account instead of a new account csgo non primes or buy csgo primes you should always go for buy high tier prime accounts.

These high-tier accounts can be basically their main accounts with thousands of hours, a very good trust-factor, all the collectibles that they had or previously wanted, and best of all, a very high competitive rank. Even new players who just want to show off their collectibles can get these accounts and start grinding. These high-tier accounts can also have a lot of skins depending on the seller with a lot of wins which puts you in a higher elo.


In case you’re wondering about the details, here’s an example of how a high-tier will be:

Competitive rank: Distinguished Master Guardian

Service Medal(s): 2020

Competitive wins: 75

In-game hours: 1500

Coin(s): Silver Operation Shattered Web Coin | Berlin 2019 Coin

Overwatch: Enabled

Steam level: 20

Unrestricted: Yes

Market Trading: Yes

VAC history: Clean

csgo global elite high tier

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For more details on the accounts, check out our list of high-tier, prime and non-prime accounts!