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Did you get a sick inventory that standouts in your friend circle? But what is the use of those skins if you don’t have a buy csgo Prime accounts. So Simply buy csgo ranked account with gold novas and master guardians rank. You must be having a question that why buy a prime account when you can play without prime status by simply csgo smurf kaufen.

Also, you might be wrong cause a prime account is just a lot more than what you think it is csgo smurf kaufen



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Why You Should Buy a CSGO Prime Account

Planning a weekend Counter Strike: Global Offensive marathon? Spice things up with a CSGO Prime Account? It’s an incredible enhancement to your game and costs barely anything.

With everything – from top-notch graphics to super-interesting set up – the game is all a seasoned gamer could ask for. But to rise to greater heights within the game and take full advantage of all its features, you will need to get a CSGO Prime Account. But what exactly is a CSGO prime account all about? And what perks will it add to your game?

Keep reading to find all that out and know how you can secure yourself a ranked or unranked CSGO Prime Account.

What are CSGO Prime accounts?

CSGO Prime accounts are account upgrades available for players who have bought the game and have reached level 21 or above. It is the special ranked account that opens up access to member-only perks and weapons.

CSGO prime accounts are typically more expensive than non-prime accounts, but they are totally worth it. You get access to prime-only matchmaking that helps you get rid of hackers and cheaters. Since nobody wants to pay a hefty amount and risk getting banned later, hackers shy away from purchasing a CSGO prime account.

Who Can Get a CSGO Prime Account?

If you’ve just started playing the game and haven’t polished your skills yet, buying a prime account isn’t a good idea. Moreover, unless you’ve risen to ranks above 21, you won’t even be eligible for it naturally.

But the main reason we advise against buying a prime account is this: the prime matchmaking will pair you up with extremely skilled players, and you might keep losing in CSGO. If this happens, not only will you never be skilled at the game, but you will also keep falling in ranks.

There’s another caveat to the CSGO Prime Account that you should know. Counter Strike: Global Offensive was a paid game on Steam until 2018. When the game went free to play, the makers decided to give some perks to the game buyers. A prime account was one of them.

If you have bought CSGO from Steam before it went free, you will get your prime account badge automatically. Just log in with the linked mobile number, and you can see your badge.

If you are new to the game and got the free-to-play version of CSGO from Steam, you will have to purchase a prime account. Getting one from CSGO Smurf Ninja is the quickest and most effective option.

Why buy a CSGO Prime Account?

By now, you know everything about the basics of a CSGO Prime account. But why exactly do you even need a Prime Account? Are the additional perks actually worth it?

For one, it opens a whole world of possibilities for the players with new and exciting benefits at their disposal. Keep reading to find out what these are.

Quality Matchmaking

As you start playing CSGO, getting a good match is always a problem. Irrespective of the level, you will find some unskilled and some highly skilled players in the same battle. This often creates confusion and ends up making the game either boring or tough.

But once you are above rank 21, you are skilled enough to handle some expert competitions. And if you think that you can take the big boys down, go for the prime account.

Prime account will match you with the players who are keen to play the game and are good at it. Playing in the prime tiers can help you get better at the game rapidly and make you adept at winning against fierce competition.

No Hackers to Bother You

A constant problem CSGO players face is that of hackers. Such hackers hijack your account to steal your achievements. But with Prime, this risk gets reduced.

Cheating accounts can be banned by the company. And since prime accounts are paid, the hackers will face a big loss if they get banned. So they usually stay away from CSGO prime accounts.

This way, a CSGO Prime account gives you a better experience by keeping you secure.

Access to the servers

CSGO has multiple servers across the globe where you can play and enjoy. A major issue with these servers, though, is that you don’t get an empty one most of the time.

This can cause the game to lag or not start at all. For any CSGO player, getting a free server is a big headache.

With a prime account, you get rid of this problem instantly. You gain access to all the servers and can start the game on any server of your choice. If you find them all full, you can go for the VAC server. This one was developed by the CSGO team as a customized server. As only prime members can access this server, the chances of it being full are minimal.

In-game items

In-game items are the main attraction for any combat-intensive game like CSGO. Every player wants to access these to make the game better for them.

With a prime account in CSGO, you unlock a box full of in-game items that can change the way you play the game. This includes weapons, armors, souvenirs, and many other goods.

With all this extra access to the in-game items, players can upskill their gameplay quickly. These items help you inflict more damage and defend yourself well in the game. Plus, you’ll have a competitive edge over others vying for the same items within the game.

Configure as you want

In CSGO, you always want to configure your weapons to the best scopes available. But, the game doesn’t allow you to do so. All your dreams of shattering the opponents with lethal weapons are sent to the sidelines if you can’t configure your weapons and armor. But by using a CSGO prime account, you have this luxury under your belt.

The prime account helps you configure your weapons and armor however you want. This makes your weapons stronger than ever, and you can destroy your opponents with utmost ease.

Configuring your weapons might not seem like a big deal, but it can change the results of your games by an incredible margin. You can try and test the extra equipment that increases the power of your gun. Besides, you’ll have access to the best defending armour too. Once you find the right combination, victory in CSGO won’t be far.

Reduce the grind

We have already told you that you can get the prime for free by reaching level 21 in the online clash. But, it is well known how tough it is to upgrade in CSGO, especially after the first few levels.

You have to win a lot of fights to reach level 21. And with master CSGO players dominating the space, this isn’t easy at all

To reduce the grind and get the prime account early, you must consider buying one from CSGO Smurf Ninja. Here, you will have several options for CSGO Prime account ranks, medals, and types. So without wasting too much time on earning a rank above 21, buy a prime account and focus on slashing worthy opponents down.

One thing’s for sure: the CSGO Prime accounts come with unmatched benefits. And to miss out on them would be a total sin! So it’s time you start preparing to purchase one.

How to get a CSGO Prime account?

We won’t let you toil hard just for that Prime account. Just visit for getting a CSGO Prime account within minutes and without burning a hole in your pocket.

Here are some ways CSGO Smurf Ninja helps you get the best Prime accounts.

  • We don’t believe in looting you. So our prices for CSGO Prime accounts are always the best you can get in the market. We have some heavy discounts and deals to offer too.
  • We entrust you with the best security. Nobody can leak or hack your CSGO Prime account. And if you still have questions about account security, you can always get in touch with our team.
  • Buying a CSGO Prime Account from us is also completely risk-free. We have a secure website and trusted payment methods available.
  • Our delivery speed is something you’ll remember forever. Instead of making you wait for days or months, we deliver most of our CSGO Prime accounts within 30 minutes of purchase.
  • Our team is nothing if not attentive to your needs. To ensure you have zero trouble and a smooth gaming experience, our experts are ready to help you 24/7.
  • On our website, you can choose from a range of CSGO Prime Accounts. These include Gold Nova, Silver, Gold, Silver Elite, Medalled, Private ranked and many other different types. And for all of them, you’ll pay the cheapest price.
  • We also offer CSGO Prime accounts with a loyalty badge.

Shop your chosen CSGO Prime Account from CSGO Smurf Ninja today and to avail the benefits of the trusted Prime Matchmaking.

Go Shop and Become Prime!

Now you know what a CSGO Prime Account is, what it brings you, and where to get it for the best price. So what are you waiting for? Go to CSGO Smurf Ninja today, browse all the prime accounts available, and shop the one you want. And don’t forget to let us know your experience of playing Prime in the comment box below.


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