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GTA V also is known as Grand Theft Auto V, is an action-adventure game developed and released by Rockstar Games. Buy gta v accounts with added benefits from us. It has one of the best storylines in the gaming world and can be played out in a First-person or Third-person perspective, moreover, players must complete main quests and side missions with a set of objectives that must be achieved to progress throughout the story. Therefore, GTA V received a lot of overwhelmingly positive feedback from game critics and players all over the world.

If you haven’t played GTA V, then you are missing one of the best games ever made. Year’s after its release, it is still one of the most played and best sellers on Steam. To complete GTA Vs main storyline, it would take you at least 31 to 32 hours, this is based on statistics from several players who completed the main storyline.

But this doesn’t include the side-missions and other cool stuff. To complete GTA V entirely, it’s going to take you at least 80 hours. This number is just for the base game which was released back in 2013. GTA Online is an entirely different universe that expands upon the base game, you get access to GTA Online when you purchase GTA 5. Although here at CSGOSmurfNinja, we started with CSGO accounts but we have proudly launched our very own offer of GTA V Accounts for cheap, get yours today. Moreover, we strive to add more games to the database soon!

Buy GTA V Accoutns 

GTA Online

Online mode for GTA was released a few weeks after GTA Vs initial release on 1st October 2013, in other words, GTA Online was a medium-sized release as it didn’t have much content at the start. The main focus of GTA Online was to play GTA along with friends and other players in an entirely different universe. Therefore, the title was plagued with a lot of bugs, exploits which made the game unplayable for some players, people still buy gta v accounts As the years progressed the GTA Online received frequent updates that added new content and game modes.

In GTA Online, players create their characters that have numerous customization options. After that, players must create their character by choosing parents which by genetics will influence the final character. GTA Online does not have a story mode instead has contact missions that serve as a prequel to the main storyline in buy gta v accounts. Players have to unlock weapons, cars, and other missions by earning XP, Once unlocked they have to be bought using in-game money. Money is the ultimate weapon in this game, without it you are going to struggle a lot. Struggling can be over by just buy gta v accounts.

Recently, the Diamond casino and a few heists were added into GTA Online. In GTA Online up to 30 players can play in a single lobby, players can roam freely throughout the map completing various tasks, for instance, jobs, races, and so on. You can also make your crew that consists of 1000 players in total, playing together awards a lot of XP which will help you climb the leaderboards.


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The ever-expanding world of GTA Online requires you to be on top of your game. This means that you must have money and levels to experience the best content the game has to offer. New players will often struggle a lot because it takes a long time to earn money and experience in this game. What are you waiting for? buy gta v accounts today!

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