Change Gender GTA Online

Change Gender GTA Online

Playing a game like GTA online is all about getting a realistic, hyper-enjoyable experience. But can you really have one if the game isn’t customizable enough? Not really!

So does that mean that if you want to change gender GTA online, you can’t do so? Not exactly. Keep reading to find out if it’s possible, and if not, what your options are. 

GTA Online is a vast open world game which offers you endless options to customize and have the ultimate real world experience. But there’s one area where GTA developers haven’t yet started offering customization. And that is gender change. 

Can we change the appearance and the character gender in GTA online?

There are several complications when we speak of changing the gender of the character in GTA online. The game does not allow you to change the gender of the character mid-game. You can only select the character gender at the time of the character creation menu. That is, make up your mind before the game begins. 

The appearance of the character – literally everything, from style to dressing sense – is modifiable. You can do this in exchange for money in the styling menu. 

So in short, there’s no official way to change gender gta online, but you can tweak the appearance. But we only said “official”. There is an “unofficial” way to change gender GTA online. 

Hacks to Change Gender GTA Online

There are several hacks that have been discovered by players to change the gender of the character unofficially GTA. But there are certain requirements that you need to fulfill before trying out the hack. 

Firstly, you must play the game as the character Michael for this hack to work. Your character must also have a sum of at least $100,000 in his account. The hack won’t work without the money or with any of the other two characters. 

You must also play the game with two characters: one whose gender you wish to change after the hack works and the other whose gender is to remain constant.

Steps for the hack

Follow the steps below to Change Gender Gta Online

  1. After you’ve ensured that there is $100,000 in your account, disconnect your internet.
  1. Reconnect your internet. After you’ve reconnected, the game takes you to the single player mode.
  1. Then, return to the game. There, instead of jumping in to continue from where you left, click on select character. From here, select the character whose gender you wish to change.
  1. After you select the character, you’ll see an option asking you whether you want to change the appearance of the character. 
  1. Click on accept. Then from the menu, navigate to the crew emblem menu to highlight it. Press return to the menu.
  1. The next step here is crucial and you must be careful while doing this. In the menu, press the randomization button continuously until the randomized character changes its gender. From there onwards, you may change the appearance of the character and proceed normally.

Some setbacks to the hack

While this hack has worked for many players and they’ve successfully been able to change gender gta online of their character, it does come with some setbacks.

There are chances that you glitch the game and it gets rigged. This will lead to you losing all your missions and progress. And we don’t need to tell you how horrifying this can be. 

Another disadvantage of the hack is that once you’ve performed this, you’ll lose all your saved outfits. And there is no way to retrieve those. 

If these risks seem minor to you, you may go ahead with performing the hack.


This was all you needed to know about the change gender GTA online. While you can do the switch using the hack, the game should include it as an option officially. But until it does, we hope the hack above will keep the game spicy for you. 

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