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Single Medal Accounts

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Dual-Medal Accounts

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Why You Need a CSGO Service Medal Account

Are you an absolute expert at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive? Beaten countless opponents and won many combats? It’s time you flex your skills. And to do that, you need a CSGO Service Medal.

A service medal account is the most straightforward parameter of a CSGO player’s skills. It’s a badge of honor that you must strive for. But why exactly? What does a service medal give you? And why should you invest in a service medal account at all? Learn all that and more below! 

What is CSGO Service Medal Account?

Service Medals are a sort of reward that skilled CSGO players receive. Irrespective of how well you already play, service medals add to your glory. Plus, it is almost intimidating for opponents to fight against a player with a medal account. It lets them know instantly how good their challenger will be. 

When Can You Get a Service Medal Account in CSGO?

You can claim a CSGO service medal account only after you reach a level of 40 or above. With the ranking system of CSGO, level 40 in itself marks your skills in the game. 

 The process of getting a service medal is hectic. You have to reach level 40 every time to get a medal to your name. Every year, CSGO releases a new set of medals with different levels. You can only access the current year’s medals, and there is no way to get previous medals for your accounts. 

There are different types of medals. The colors of each dictate its rarity. The more times you reach level 40 in a calendar year, the better-leveled medal you will get. Here are the six levels of the CSGO service medal:-

  1. Level One – It is a consumer-grade medal that is white in color. You get it the first time you reach level 40.
  2. Level Two – It is an industrial-grade medal awarded when you reach level 40 for the second time. It is of sky blue color.
  3. Level Three – Welcome to the mil-spec level of medals. If you have worked hard enough and reached level 40 three times, this dark blue-colored medal is yours. 
  4. Level Four – It is a restricted grade medal that is purple. Reach level 40 a fourth time to get this medal.
  5. Level Five – To reach the classified medal rank, you need to get to level 40 five times. It is pink.
  6. Level Six – It is the ultimate level of medal ranks. Also known as Covert Rank, this red-colored medal can be claimed when you reach level 40 six times.

Benefits of a CSGO Service medal account

Gain Trust

After getting your service medal account, you become a trustworthy opponent for people. Players know that you are no bot cheater and will play a good game with you. It also helps you reinforce your skills within your friend circle. They will rely on you for victories, and you will get special treatment.

As you get your badge, people will start taking you seriously and put their best foot forward. This allows you to have a quality fight even at level 1, making it more fun and thrilling for you. On the lower level, at times, players tend to slow down the game due to cheaters. But the badge will make sure that you have the action coming your way. 

Entry in professional teams

With gaming getting bigger daily, it is impossible not to think of professional careers with it. And to make it big in the industry, you have to be in a good, pro-level team. 

If you are a good gamer and looking to enter top gaming teams, badges are your way in. They are the trustworthy parameters that a team can use to judge your gameplay. With a higher-level badge, you are more likely to get into a team.

Professional CSGO teams will use different ways to evaluate your quality. And if you have medals to show off, your application will surely get a boost. Getting to level 40 is no small feat, and the more you do it, the better your chances will be to make it to the professional teams.

Competitive games

A service medal already means that you are at level 40. But an additional perk is the introduction of a prime account after level 21. With a CSGO prime account, you are not matched with random people who can cheat and make a fool of you. 

Coupled with a prime account, CSGO service medal accounts tend to get the creme-de-la-creme of the prime matchmaking. You’ll have other medalled players as your opponents, and every single one of your fights will be a good one. So even when you shop for a CSGO prime account, you shouldn’t overlook a service medal account. 

Recognition and Wins

Are you tired of boasting in front of other players? Get a service medal account and stop doing that right away. As soon as you get the service medal, no one is going to doubt your skills. Service medal accounts speak for themselves and will get you all the recognition you’re striving for. 

People will understand your strength as a gamer and would want you to play with them. In fact, sometimes your opponents’ confidence will be shaken simply because you have a medalled account. And low confidence means an easy target. So you’ll ultimately have not only a good game but also an easy win.  

How to Get a CSGO Service Medal Account for Cheap

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