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The Most Expensive Ban Waves of CSGO, August 2020

Counterstrike Global Offensive is at present the most advertised FPS multiplayer serious computer game without a doubt. CSGO VAC Ban shows up, several of these times it comes in waves which we can the VAC ban waves one of them being the recent August Vac Wave 2020. The programmers are not hesitant in their own style and keep on upsetting the game’s trustworthiness, with having a great many hours on the game and grands of dollars as the stock worth, the in-game abusers are least tried to get banned from utilizing ‘premium cheats’.

This has been an issue in CS:GO people group for an extremely lengthy timespan and the network has endured the most in these drawn out line games. Valve, then again, has not been seen taking a shot at this specific issue with their most grounded endeavors. The con artists are getting multiplied and significantly increased as time passes and no exacting activity or declarations have been made by Valve, until today.

csgo vac wave

This time the VAC wave has been tremendous, where close to 4,000 players have been banned from the game. 

Fun fact: Today’s amount of VAC bans is 19 times higher than the average amount of bans for the past month.

What is a VAC ban?

VAC represents Valve Anti-Cheat, a robotized framework intended to identify cheats introduced on users’ PCs. On the off chance that a user associates with a VAC-Secured server from a PC with recognizable cheats introduced, the VAC framework will prohibit the client from playing that game on VAC-Secured servers later on. The recent hype about vac bans is because of the august vac wave 2020!!

A vac ban means when you are not legit cheating your way to the top. It helps you increase ranks super fast and dominate over other players to make them feel bad. Hacking in counterstrike global offensive gives you a sense of satisfaction in the game which helps you sleep better at night. There are several hacking communities in csgo each of them having hundreds and thousands of players they buy csgo smurf accounts and rage hack and eventually get banned in ban waves like the august vac wave 2020.

VAC ban prevents you from playing the game in vac servers and ensures you can’t trade items, which causes a lot of loss to players who keep high value skins in the game and even then have the confidence to hack! Counterstrike global offensive makes sure the suspected cheater if confirmed in the game are banned from playing. VAC is an anticheat system mechanism that detect cheats easily. There has been a high number of false bans reported during this august 2020 vac wave.

csgo vac wave august 2020

The VAC framework dependably identifies swindles utilizing their cheat marks. Any outsider alterations to a game intended to give one player a favorable position over another is treated a cheat or hack and will trigger a VAC ban. This incorporates adjustments to a game’s center executable records and dynamic connection libraries. 

While server administrators may decide to ban explicit players, server administrators can’t VAC ban players. This happens in waves like the august vac wave 2020.

What is a VAC wave?

VAC wave is nothing but when 1000’s of players get banned from the game at one shot, don;t think this can happen? It did in august vac wave 2020!

August VAC Wave 2020

This time, the VAC wave was quite unusual, many “legit” players got a ban unfortunately. The various hacks used by many players have been found out by developers at Valve Corporation and as a result they have been kicked out of the game without any hesitation. But the heated discussion is that many legit high inventory value players have also received a ban for undisclosed reasons letting thousands of dollars go into drain. Counter Strike designed this valve anticheat vac system which is used to detect hacks. VAC and Valve are property of their respective owners. The august vac wave 2020 is by far the biggest vac wave we have witnessed with thousands of banned accounts in a single day!

Number of players banned as on 12th of August

VAC bans- 3547

Game bans- 3543

csgo vac banaugust

How to make sure that you don’t get a VAC ban?

To guarantee your account doesn’t get VAC banned, utilize just trusted systems to play on VAC-Secured servers. On the off chance that you are uncertain about whether or not the system you are using to interface with Steam may have cheats introduced, don’t play on VAC-Secured servers by preventing the august vac wave 2020

Use alert when introducing any game alterations like scripts or custom skins, and just download custom contents from trusted sources. Hackers may noxiously camouflage their cheats to make others get banned.

csgo false vac ban

How to report a new cheat?

If in case you are aware of a new cheat, particularly private cheats (ones that aren’t on an open site), and can give the links or the genuine binaries, to the email address mentioned below along with appropriate data.

vacreview@valvesoftware.com which is an official website of Valve Inc.

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