CSGO Game Ban Wave – Vertigo Boosting is Dead

CSGO Game Ban Wave – Vertigo Boosting is Dead

A Colossal Valve Anti-Cheat embargo wave will wipe CS: GO cheaters but have exceptions. 

Meta: Monumental VAC ban wave does remove a slew of players abruptly irrespective of their inventory size. However, there is a welcome deviation from the rule that may put a smile back on the players’ faces. Read on to know more.

Through the years, Counter-strike: Global Offensive has witnessed an augmented rise in the percentage of cheaters and their imminent wrath. Fair play almost seems like a distant dream in the game. And thus, the game has been through a challenging period.   Ultimately, the VACnet came into play to eliminate cheaters by convicting them from Overwatch cases or while in-game. VAC bans are automatic and an anti-cheat system delivers them. So, read on to know about the causes of CSGO VAC BAN WAVE June 2021 and how the new exceptions can uplift the spirits of gamers.

The “Trusted Mode update” is not to be trusted at all?

Now, details associated with Valve’s anti-cheat system are highly classified. For evident reasons, they do not present the availability of their anti-cheat information. Thus, it becomes challenging to anticipate, the reason being the sudden surge in the VAC bans number. 

All these bans maybe because of the “trusted mode” update implemented in the game. According to data, this mode prohibits the interchange of most of the third-party programs with CSGO. Therefore, it has reduced the chances of cheat software from inserting itself into the game. 

Striking accounts is a reality for those that use scripts

You may have heard that players with inventory worth 17000 dollars could not reach their inventory anymore. If you have put on your thinking cap and are guessing the reason to be cheating, then you are right. Valve will methodically strike accounts that use several unscrupulous means and scripts to attain an unfair advantage as per the new timer that began this month. 

Ban claims from CSGO players who play rarely 

Are you on social media, and have noticed a sudden uproar amidst CSGO players regarding the ban? Well, so many of you may have seen it because players across media platforms are indeed flooding forums. Why? Many have claimed that their account has been maliciously banned despite not accessing the game for over a month. 

Can the ban be removed?

VAC bans are irremovable andpermanent, unlike overwatch bans. However, if any VAC ban has been disloyally placed, Valve will remove it automatically. There have been several instances where false VAC bans have been removed, and that may happen again. 

An exception results in glad tidings

Valve has reviewed its ban policy regarding CS: GO after years of refusal to budge. It has announced that players with five-year-old bans can participate in Valve-sponsored tournaments. However, this rule states that only those players may receive the flexibility whose bans are five years old or have received the ban any time after their first participation event. 

Bans will stay intact, but players get a chance to redeem

As per the new guidelines, Valve will not remove the VAC bans but will permit the eligible players to prove their honesty. Valve has always been vocal about its non-negotiable VAC bans. And, this new change is their first step towards contribution for old prohibitions. 

Sit tight and take the bad with the good

In CSGO’s competitive scene, this is one of the biggest decisions take by Valve. And no doubt, the gaming community has embraced it with wide-open arms. Many have said that the new rules are indeed welcome, but it may be a little too delayed for other players. What about you? Do you have any thoughts on Valve’s move? Please share with us in the comments below.

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