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CSGO Non Prime Accounts

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the best games ever to grace the First-Person Shooter category. Unlike some games which are popular only in certain regions, CS:GO managed to become a worldwide phenomenon. With strong player bases from all parts over the world, The game reached its peak of 1.3 million concurrent players on April 2020, 8 years after it’s release. That also includes the csgo non prime accounts which were started again after the loyalty badge upgrade.

The stat indirectly says one thing, This game is still growing and going strong. You might be wondering what makes this game so popular? It is definitely the esports scene this game has created. CSGO is arguably the best game in the esports category. With having viewers all around the world, The game peaked 1.9 million viewers for the ELEAGUE Major in January 2018. The Local esports scene around the world for CSGO is also huge and that’s what keeps the game going and the csgo non prime accounts.


CSGO is a multiplayer shooter game developed by Valve. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the fourth game of the Counter-Strike series. CSGO was released back in 2012. This game consists of a lot of game modes such as DeathMatch, Casual, Wingman, Flying Scoutsman, Competitive 2v2, and the latest game mode DangerZone. Divided into csgo non prime accounts and csgo prime accounts Apart from all these game modes, the Competitive game mode is the most important one and most of the game’s audience focuses on this game mode and is also available on csgo non prime accounts.

This game mode is a 5v5 Counter-Terrorists vs Terrorists. This game mode has 30 rounds and the first team to win 16 rounds win the game. This game mode is the important one as it is followed in major. You earn money for winning and losing rounds which help you buy weapons and utilities for the next round. Obviously, If you lose you get less money and if you win you get more money. In the end, the team that wins 16 rounds wins the game.

CSGO Prime and Non-Prime Status

CSGO has two different matchmakings,

Your CSGO account can either be a Prime account or a csgo non prime accounts. Players that bought the game before the game went free (people who bought the game before the DangerZone update) get prime status. Having prime status indicates that the trust factor is high on your account.

The players that got the game after it went free are given csgo non prime accounts which have a higher risk of being matched with cheaters.

So how do I get Prime status?

There are two ways to get prime status upgrade. You have to pay 15$ in order to get prime status or you have to reach private rank 21 to get prime status. In order to reach private rank 21, you’ll need around 100-150 hours.

The Biggest advantage of prime status is that you have less risk of being matched with cheaters. Other than that, you’ll be getting exclusive prime skins for your weapons.

To obtain Prime status, you need to link your mobile number to your steam account. So you can have one prime account per head unless you have multiple mobile numbers. But that is not the case with Non-Prime accounts, you can easily get Non-Prime accounts.

csgo non prime account

What are Csgo Non Prime Accounts?

If you are planning to smurf in lower elos and you need another account, Non-Prime accounts are the best choice. Prime accounts require your Mobile Number linked to your steam profile which means you can only have one prime account but that’s not the case with Non-Prime accounts. If you want to play with your friends who are in a lower elo than yours, Non-Prime accounts are the best choice.

If you are at a good rank in the game and you think it’s time to learn new maps and new weapons but you are not sure if you want to try new maps and weapons on your main account then Non-Prime is the best solution. Non-Prime accounts are great for new players as they don’t really need prime status because it only affects your Competitive trust factor.

If you are planning to own a bunch of CSGO accounts for any use, Non-Prime accounts are your only way to go unless you have multiple mobile numbers. Why do I have to Buy Non-Prime Accounts? Buying Non-Prime Accounts come with great benefits, You can get Non-Primes of your desired ranks, level, and much more! You don’t need to grind a single bit, you can get accounts at cheaper prices because it is Non-Prime. When you want a CSGO account with desired ranks like Global Elite, Supreme Master First Class but at a cheaper price, Non-Prime is the best solution.

If you are a streamer and looking to buy a bunch of accounts to challenges like a solo queue to GE or whatnot, you can buy Non-Primes that are already boosted or at a specified rank and get going. You can save up to 150 hours by spending very few bucks, that is the whole concept of buying Non-Prime accounts.

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