CSGO Prime Accounts with Overwatch Enabled

Buy CSGO Prime accounts with 150 wins good trust factor & overwatch enabled

What are CSGO Primes?

If you’re a beginner to CSGO, you must be playing a lot of non-prime games these days which are quite irritating as matchmaking isn’t accurate when it comes to the non-prime lobby. The fresh accounts you are playing with have very low trust factors too which is another barrier in the game. 

The private ranks in the game increase after playing a countless number of matches and earning a huge amount of XP in the game. When you begin with a fresh account, the rank is 0 and you need to reach your way up to 21 to earn the prime badge. The prime badge has huge benefits over non-primes when it comes to CSGO especially in official matchmaking servers. Since people are doing all sorts of things to get the highest ranks possible, they want to make sure they don’t lose any effort after getting banned. This is the reason hackers use the non-prime lobby to rank up in the game. You can avoid this by using a prime account and match with the actual players who play fair in the game. Since the prime account takes time to build up, the hackers don’t go after those accounts. 

Other benefits of CSGO Primes are exclusive in-game drops. If your account is new, there is less to no chance of getting a premium drop in the game but with prime, you get lots to cool skins as in-game drops which you can play with later in the game. You cannot enjoy all that with non-prime games. 

CSGO Primes With Overwatch

If you have ever played CSGO as a beginner or as a professional, there might be a time when you started with a fresh account. If you started recently, you might have faced a lot of toxic people in the game who are just present to ruin your gaming experience. These people are common spotted in the Non-Prime lobby of the game. They are often known as trolls who are just there to make fun of the newbies. There are high chances that the person on the other side is a smurf or a hacker which is the biggest curse for a newbie. These smurfs/hackers do not allow the new players to level up and play the game according to their skill level. If you’re one of the players who started playing CSGO recently, playing with a Non-Prime Account will definitely hit you and ruin your gaming experience. 

If you’re looking for an alternate, you can go for a CSGO Prime account or even better, CSGO Primes with Overwatch enabled. These are very high-level accounts created by our players and are safe to use. But what is a Prime account?

What is Overwatch?

If you were looking for a guardian angel for your game, Overwatch is here for you. Since Valve cannot ban every single toxic player or cheater in the game, they created the concept of Overwatch. After a player has received 150+ wins in the game along with Gold Nova rank, Overwatch is enabled for the player. The player can then watch the matches with hackers which are reported to them. This can only happen if a player receives mass report ingame or in the lobby from the other players. 

This is one of the best features which the game has to ban the cheaters in the game. You need to spend months or years in your account to enable Overwatch and ban those players in the game. 

Having a CSGO Prime account with Overwatch is a deadly combination for a player in the game. You can enjoy the official game with your friends and rank up to be the best player and banning the cheaters alongside. All it requires is a little skill and dedication to doing what you desire. Benefits like drops are just extra royalties of the game. But the main thing you could ask for is the Overwatch. With this being said, how do you get CSGO Primes with Overwatch?

How to get CSGO Primes with Overwatch?

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