The Best CSGO Weapon Quality Guide

csgo weapon quality guide

The Best CSGO Weapon Quality Guide

One of the major reasons CSGO is so popular in the market is due to the skins which makes the guns more appealing and interesting in the game.

Many players designers work hard to create some of the best skins which are available officially on the steam store owned by valve corporation. You can buy skins for any weapon in CSGO through the steam community market which offers you the best prices for the items. First, understand the basics of csgo weapon quality.

CSGO Skin Trading

 If you were into cs:go skin trading, you might be aware of the 7-day trade ban which was introduced long back in the game. Skin popularity and trading were dropped as the players were not too happy about it but the people forgot about it and continued with the game.

Now since there are a lot of skins in the game, the company has also created some type of tier system for the skins.

This consists of skins from the highest quality to the skins of the lowest demand in the market. There are some of the exceedingly rare skins available in counter strike global offensive. These skins are not only rare but quite expensive and not everyone can afford them.  

 This is a detailed article about the type of skins and the wear quality of skins that are available for gamers and how they can choose the right one for them to use. Also, keep in mind that the prices keep fluctuating so you need to choose the right time of buying according to you. 

Why Spend on Skins? 

If you want to put your money into weapon skins totally depends on your needs. Personally, playing with the same old skins for a long time feels boring which is why you need to update the skins you play with.

Even if you have good-looking skin, you will want to change after a while because you will get bored. People also say that skins boost your performance and confidence in the game which is why they keep on trying new skins. But do keep in mind, “skins are not equal to skills.” 

 Another reason for buying weapon skins is of course boasting in front of your friends. Since skins are expensive and rare, people think highly of players who have good skins and follow them in the lobby and the game.

If you have a couple of good items in your inventory, you will be considered a king in your lobby.   

 Before buying or spending any money on skins do note that this does not guarantee you any wins in the game or any other assistance in the game.

These skins are just to change the appeal of the guns and make them look good. There is no other task intended for skins in counter strike global offensive.  

Why are they Expensive?

The reason CS:GO skins are expensive is because of their quality. More about the tier will be discussed further in this article. What this means is there are cheap variations of weapon skins available in the market but it depends on your budget.

Although it is true, gamers do get item drops in the game not all the time but usually, they gen weapons souvenir stickers, souvenir cases and other collections. A lot of item were dropped during the dreamhack winter 2013.

If you have money, you can go for the expensive version but if you are on a tight budget, you should choose the one which will not bust your pocket.  

 There are multiple ways you can get the premium skins to play in CSGO. For example buying them through the steam community market or from other 3rd party websites that sell csgo skins fast.

Where to buy CSGO Skins?

The problem with the steam market is after spending your money on steam, there is no way you can get a return as after you resell it on steam, you get your money in the steam wallet which can be only used for buying games or other items including souvenir items.

The other alternative is to use a trusted third-party site, do note that we do not promote any site and buy at your own risk. We are not responsible for any type of scam in the market.  

 The most common way of getting skins is through drops. The downfall here is the quality of the skins will not be as good as you expect. You get the FT version of the cs:go skin which is average looking.  

CSGO ingame drops
The Best CSGO Weapon Quality Guide

CSGO Skin Rarity

 Another factor that makes the skins expensive is the rarity. There are multiple level skin types in CSGO which are priced on how they look. The developers know how to price their skins and that is exactly how they classify them. The different types of skins are as follows: 

  • Consumer grade (Common) 
  • Industrial grade (Uncommon) 
  • Mil-spec (Rare) 
  • Restricted (Mythical) 
  • Classified (Legendary) 
  • Covert (Ancient) 
  • Melee Weapons (Exceedingly Rare) 
  • Contraband items (Immortal) 
csgo weapon quality

These skins are increasing in prices from top to bottom depending on the quality. Every weapon in CSGO has skin in the category mentioned above. The wear of the skin is a different topic which is discussed below. 

CSGO Weapon Quality /Condition  

skin wear levels csgo

If you are playing with skin, it cannot be good forever, right? The quality of the skins decreases with time and how much you use it in-game.

Therefore, the concept of skin wear was introduced which differentiates the price of skin depending on the weapon finishes or the wear levels. In CS GO, the skins have 5 stages of wear levels as follows: 

  • Factory New (FN) 
  • Minimal Wear (MW) 
  • Field-Tested (FT) 
  • Well-Worn (WW) 
  • Battle-Scarred (BS) 

The Factory New skin categories is the best quality and Battle-Scarred being the worst quality in the game, you can guess how the prices might be for the same. The best and most used wear for any skin in the game is minimal wear or gamers also buy battle-scarred weapon skin but only with low float values.

The reason being the skin looks like Factory-New if the Field-Tested version has good wear. Therefore, you get good-looking skin for a low price.  Float value plays the most important role.

CSGO Item Float Values

As we now skins are classified according to their wear levels, the value that defines these item exterior is called the float value. It is a numeric value that is like the grade of the skin.

  • 0 – 0.07 Factory New.
  • 0.07 – 0.15 Minimal Wear.
  • 0.15 – 0.38 Field-Tested.
  • 0.38 – 0.45 Well-Worn.
  • 0.45 – 1 Battle-Scarred.

This is how the float value decides the item exteriors. All skins ranging from the famous ak 47, m4a1, usp s you have this float value.

It is believed in the community believe it is easy to understand and trade in steam marketplace items but that is not the case. Having the knowledge of case items, foil stickers, souvenir packages, souvenir item, Stattrak weapons is extremely difficult.

Souvenir Items CSGO

Souvenir packages are one times drop that are given to players only during the official tournaments. Gamers who watch these matches get special souvenir skins and even sticker capsules even for the major guns like m4a1 s.

Although the drop of skins higher in the rarity hierarchy is common during the event in all the game mode. Gamers usually ask the question if they can get lots of weapon collections during the event and it is true. Weapon cases are also dropped more than usual during the event.

CS:GO Weapon Sticker Qualities

Stickers are opened from sticker capsules using the sticker capsule key. CSGO Stickers are the one of the best investment methods. Holding csgo stickers for long can really make you a lot of profits. Although the stickers have no float value but they do have rarirties:

  • Blue (High Grade)
  • Purple (Remarkable/Holo)
  • Pink (Exotic/Foil) Gold (Souvenir Foil)
  • Gold (Contraband)

You can find all stickers using the steam market search box to find the approx value. Skin traders also like to have high steam level by collecting more and more steam trading cards. Stickers can be applied on weapons in 4 different positions.

Counter Strike Global Offensive StatTrak Weapons

StatTrak Weapons CSGO

Weapon skin in CSGO come in special StatTrak editions which help you keep track of the number of enemies you have killed in the game. The weapon in this special edition has a unique kill counter which shows you the number of enemies you have taken down using it.

Inspect CSGO Weapon

Just inspect your weapon using the default key F to see how you are doing so far. This feature is not limited to per game and it tracks the all-over kills you have made using the weapon since you started.  

Do comment below if we missed anything, and we will try to add it in the future.  

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