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Common Source for Gaming Opportunities: Smurf Ninja or Csgo Smurf Ninja is your one-stop shop for free csgo accounts, csgo accounts PayPal, csgo loyalty badge accounts, and csgo accounts instant delivery. Here is an FAQ page designed especially for the help of our customers. We have surveyed our customers and store partners for various months to come up with all FAQ questions in a neatly described manner. If there is any other help that you may require you can always contact our live chat support system for help.

Are you affiliated with any of the companies you have mentioned?

We are not affiliated with Steam, Valve, CS:GO, Rockstar, GTA V, Riot Games, Valorant, Epic Games & any other Game or Gaming company mentioned on the website.

Any and all terms/names/references/images used on the website which may or may not be considered protected intellectual property of a third- party are used solely for descriptive reasons and we do not claim or propose any association/link to said owners of the respective intellectual property.

How do I buy a csgo account Instant Delivery?


To buy a csgo account with instant delivery from us, First of all:

  1. Select the product you want.
  2. Add the product to cart.
  3. Checkout using PayPal

What payment modes do you accept?

At the moment we accept all debit and credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX, etc) above all using PayPal Gateway

What is the delivery time?

As soon as the payment is complete and consequently not held by PayPal the account login details will be sent to the registered email id of the user.

How will I receive my product?

CSGO Accounts with Instant Delivery

Account details are emailed to your registered email ID almost instantly after payment.

Is my data on this website protected?


All sensitive content including account details, user details and payment details are saved in encrypted databases. Furthermore, please refer to Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy for more information regarding how we handle your data.

Is it secure to buy accounts from this website?

We use all possible ways to encrypt and keep your data safe so as a result you never have to worry about anything other than what account you’re looking for.

What if i received wrong account details?

Well our professional and skilled delivery team won’t make any mistakes but still if anything happens feel free to contact us on chat support and we will try to resolve your issue almost instantly.

What if my account gets hacked or i lost access to my account bought from here?

If our Frequently Asked Questions page doesn’t help you please contact support team via chat and we will resolve your issue as soon as we can.

What if my account comes with any type of ban ?

Contact our support team by live chat option or visiting our contact us page and we will investigate your issue and if it’s our mistake then you can get your money back or account replaced.

Why choose this website to buy accounts?

We maintain high quality product line of csgo accounts with a wide variety keeping in mind about a good price tag, customer satisfaction, full security and after sales support.

What is a Prime and non-Prime account?

Prime Accounts –

These accounts rather unlock when you either cross private rank 21 by gaining XP or buying the prime status directly. Prime Status Upgrade also unlocks ingame drops with are prime exclusive, matches you with prime only players consequently providing us with good csgo experience.

Non-Prime Accounts –

These accounts are opposite of prime , so this is default status you will be getting if you start fresh. This status includes no special perks.

What are Low Tier , Mid Tier & High tier accounts?

Low Tier Accounts –

These types of account includes less hours played, less wins , less no. Of wins, less number of medals/coins when compared with mid and high tier accounts, but keep in mind , this type costs a lot less than others.

Mid Tier Accounts –

Mid Tier Accounts comes between low and high tier keeping everything balanced, fits for average budget and contains good amount of everything keeping the price tag balanced.

High Tier Accounts –

High Tier Accounts are luxury . You get everything, nothing gets compromised, everything overloaded so never need to worry about your premium status cause we got you covered. If you got good amount of money to spend then we will take care of making your account premium as much as possible.

What are fresh accounts?

Fresh accounts are just basic account with everything fresh, all progress everything will be new and hence you can be the owner from very start of the account.

What are service medal / coins accounts and how service medals /coins are achieved/added to any account?

Service Medals

These account comes with some service medals and coins with any possible combinations as per availablity.
Service medals changes every year and you can get it by gaining private rank 40.


They can be bought by buying the pass of any ongoing event and can be upgraded to various levels by completing event tasks

What is loyalty badge?

Loyalty badge is a medal received by those account that were made before the period when csgo became free to play.

What are combo accounts?

Combo accounts comes with set of 5 accounts with various ranks and perks.

What are other games accounts?

As you all know steam market has huge collection of games so apart from csgo we sell accounts with other games too for example pubg , gta v , rainbow six siege etc.