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GTA 4 Cheats

GTA 4 Cheats

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Love playing games with multiple storylines? Fan of all the Grand Theft Auto series games? Want to be a part of a cult favorite with customized vehicles and player options? GTA 4 offers all that and more. To avail the best of the game, using some GTA 4 cheats is great. But even without them, the game has plenty to keep you hooked. 

As the GTA 4 story progresses, the character grows stronger both physically and socially. The game comprises three-story modes, the original – Episodes of Liberty City, Ballad of Gay Tony, and The Lost and The Damned. All these have different main characters with different storylines in the same city.

This open-world game is a delight, but only if you know what you’re doing. We’re here to help you out! Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned GTA player, we have some GTA 4 cheats, tips, and tricks for you that’ll make the game so much more enjoyable. So read all of them below and use them the next time you play. 

List of GTA 4 Cheats

The cheat codes for the character give it abilities like unlimited health, ammo, weapon loadouts, or remove wanted level. Along with it, there are some cheats to customize the game, like changing the weather.

  • Max Health & Armor: 362-555-0100
  • Max Health, Armor and Ammo: 482-555-0100
  • Weapons 1: 486-555-0150
  • Weapons 2: 486-555-0100
  • Remove Wanted Level: 267-555-0100
  • Raise Wanted Level: 267-555-0150
  • Change Weather: 468-555-0100

Vehicle Spawns (Gta 4 Cheats)

Vehicle cheats for GTA 4 allow you to spawn the following vehicles near the player. You can spawn a getaway vehicle, special vehicles, or get out of a tricky situation using these cheats. These include cars, boats or helicopters, and planes. You can spawn these vehicles anywhere, irrespective of their type.

  • Spawn Annihilator Helicopter: 359-555-0100
  • Spawn Banshee: 265-555-2423
  • Spawn Cognoscenti: 227-555-0142
  • Spawn Comet: 227-555-0175
  • Spawn Buffalo: 227-555-0100
  • Spawn Jetmax: 938-555-0100
  • Spawn NRG-900: 625-555-0100
  • Spawn Sanchez: 625-555-0150
  • Spawn SuperGT: 227-555-0168
  • Spawn Turismo: 227-555-0147

The GTA 4 cheats listed above work the same for PC, PS3, or Mobile. Yes, you can also use the cheats on a mobile using the keypad. You can also customize the vehicles, the game, or the character using mods created unofficially by gamers worldwide. Mods can be very cool if installed from a safe source.

Tips For Playing Grand Theft Auto 4

gta 4 cheats

Now that you’re familiar with the cheats for GTA 4, knowing some tips and tricks might be handy. If you’re a beginner at gaming, these gta 4 cheats will help you even more.

Beware of the Cops

If you have played other games of the Grand Theft Auto series, you would know that it’s pretty easy to fool the cops. But, this time, it’s a bit tricky. The cops in GTA 4 are persistent, and it’s a little challenging to get away from them. There are just too many cop cars at every corner, and unless you are a really skilled driver, it will be difficult to get away.

So before stealing a car or hitting someone, remember that you are a gangster in the game. Anything wrong you do will catch the cops’ attention and get you into trouble. Look around for cops and only commit a crime when it’s all clear. And of course, if it’s a dire situation, use the GTA 4 cheat to reduce the wanted level. 

Always stay equipped

Always remember to stay equipped with guns, bullets, and armor. Remember to visit the Ammunition often. Being a gangster, you might often get into trouble, either with the cops or a civilian. It’s always better to have a gun for self-defense. 

Along with that, you also require armor and a gun for most of the missions. So stay equipped with bullets. Falling short of bullets or guns mid-mission would be very frustrating. And trust us when we say that you don’t want to be in that situation. 

Save the game often

Remember, progress is everything in an open-world game with multiple missions ranging from easy to hard difficulty levels. You would not want to do a difficult mission for the second time. Thus, you must remember to save your game often. After each mission, your game autosaves. Although, you wont earn achievements if you use Gta 4 cheats.

However, it is saved in a single file. If, by any chance, that file gets corrupted or deleted, you will lose all your progress and will have to restart the game. Similarly, saving in an extra file and overwriting it every time is also risky. Try to save multiple missions in different files. This way, even if one or more files were to get corrupted, you’d always have a saved file to load your game. 

Make cash

Since GTA 4 is an open-world game, most of its features are realistic. One of them is spending cash. If you are buying ammo or weapons, food, or even repairing your vehicle, you would have to pay some money. Thus, remember to make cash while you play. Gta 4 cheats is make this path easier for you, as you can play the side mini-missions and earn some money there. Apart from that, you also get paid for completing the main missions.

Earn cash by working if that’s more your cup of tea. You can work as a taxi driver by stealing a taxi. Sometimes, customers give hefty tips for special drop-offs. You can also buy property or businesses in the game once you have enough cash and then let the business make money for you. 

Use your phone

The game provides you with a personal cell phone which can be pretty handy. Whether calling a friend for help or getting a vehicle, you can use it to your advantage. You can also check up on your businesses or click photos on your phone. There are way too many gta 4 cheats created by rockstar games.

One of the things you can do using your phone is get your vehicle repaired. This is a glitch that works for many players. If your vehicle’s engine is broken, simply dial a number and press the accelerator. Your engine fixes itself.

Take cover during fights

This is an obvious one. Whenever indulged in a gunfight, whether for a mission or with the cops, always remember to first take cover. It helps you analyze the enemy’s location and fire with caution. Also a youtube video with cheats for you.

Standing in the open will only make you prone to gunshots. And it’s never a good idea to be vulnerable while in a fight. So hide and hide well while fighting. 


These tips and GTA 4 cheats are everything you would require before you start playing the game. You don’t have to memorize them all, of course. Simply come back here to take a look before you start playing, and you’ll be good to go. 

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