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GTA Online released three weeks after GTA Vs initial release on 1st October 2013. Buy Gta V Money from us and get it in your account within 24 hours!! GTA Online was a medium-sized release and didn’t have much content at the time of release.

We provide cheap GTA V Add Money Service so you can add money to your own account. The main goal of GTA Online is to play along with friends and other players in an entirely different universe that is set before the events of GTA V. Initially, GTA 5 Online Add Money had a lot of crashes, bugs, and exploits which made the game unplayable for players. As the years progressed the GTA Online received frequent updates that added new content and game modes.

Buy GTA 5 Online Add Money

GTA Online supports up to 30 players in a single lobby, players can roam freely throughout the map completing jobs, races, and so on. You can make their own clans consisting of 5 members in total, clans earn more experience and money by playing together which will make them rank in clan leaderboards.

Players can create their own characters in GTA 5 Online Add Money by a Genetic process and a lot of customization options. Players must choose parents which by genetics will influence the final character. GTA Online does not have a story mode instead the main focus of Online is to earn money. GTA Online has contact missions that give us more information about events prior to the main storyline of GTA V. Players first have to unlock items by leveling up and gaining experience points, once unlocked they have to be bought using in-game money. Players can buy vehicles, weapons, real estate, exclusive clothing, and so on. 

How hard is it to earn money in GTA Online?

Just like money in real-life, earning money in GTA Online is the only goal of the game. If you’ve played GTA Online you know that money works wonders in this game. GTA Online requires you to have money to unlock vehicles, weapons, apartments, and so on, without it you aren’t going to enjoy the game. There are lots of different ways to earn money in GTA Online but it requires you to grind the game for a long time.

If you want to consistently be a Billionaire in this game here are the fastest methods.

  1. Heists – Max Profit of $400k per hour.
  2. Special Vehicles and Cargo – Max Profit of $300k per hour.
  3. VIP work – Max Profit of $150k per hour.
  4. Gunrunning and Motorcycle Clubs – Max Profit $100k per hour.
  5. Time Trials – Max Profit $75k per hour.

As you can see it takes a lot of time to earn money, especially since you need to acquire properties and businesses in the first place. Many players prefer to go the other route and buy Shark Cards instead of taking the time and effort to earn money or GTA 5 Online Add Money by us.

What are GTA Shark Cards?

Instead of grinding for GTA$, Shark Cards are a way of purchasing cash packs with real money for GTA Online. This cash is directly deposited into the player’s in-game bank account. There are 6 Shark Cards that you can buy, the list is ordered by value for money.

  1. Megalodon Shark – $8,000,000 [ $99.99 USD ]
  2. Whale Shark – $3,500,000 [ $49.99 USD ]
  3. Great White Shark – $1,250,000 [ $19.99 USD ]
  4. Bull Shark – $500,000 [ $9.99 USD ]
  5. Tiger Shark – $200,000 [ $4.99  USD ]
  6. Red Shark – $100,000 [ $2.99 USD ]

But this means that you would have to fork over a lot of real money to Rockstar Games in order to get cash packs. Here at CSGOSmurfNInja, we offer a better way to solve your money problems by providing you with GTA 5 Online Add Money to add money directly to your Maze Bank Account.

What is GTA V Add Money Service?

Buy GTA V Add Money

GTA 5 Online Add Money is a service in which we provide you cash packs for much cheaper prices. With this in-game money, you can buy weapons, vehicles, properties, and much more! You can also flex on other players and treat yourself to the ultimate online experience. The GTA 5 Online Add Money will be added into your account using safe and private methods and will be deposited into your Maze Bank Account to ensure it is safe and sound. We are one of the most unique sellers who let you buy GTA 5 Online Add Money today!

Select any cash package you would like to buy, fill in your payment information, and checkout. Please provide your account details along with the order. We will notify you once the order is complete and you can immediately check to see that sweet cash in your bank.

Why buy GTA V Online Add Money from CSGOSmurfNinja?

At CSGOSmurfNinja, we care about our customers and want you to have a hassle-free experience with us. We also provide you with 24×7 live support to take care of any problem that arises. We have helped many people get more than ten-digit figures in their Maze Bank accounts. Only private and safe methods are used as customer accounts and satisfaction is important to us. We support various payment methods so that it is easier to fill your in-game coffers. The GTA 5 online Add Money will be completed as soon as possible to make sure that your Maze Bank account is topped up. Get money in GTA Online for cheap now!

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