GTA 6 Leaks, Rumors, and Release Date

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GTA 6 Leaks, Rumors, and Release Date

It’s been quite a while since the rumours about GTA 6 started floating online. The previous hit GTA V is still one of the most popular and trending games in the market. Rockstar Games has been throwing new updates for the past couple of years to the game which has kept the player base intact. One of the biggest reasons that GTA V store is still active because of GTA Online. 

Coming to the rumours, there is a lot of fan-made theories from the players in the game. If you haven’t guessed it already, GTA 6 will be the biggest game in the entire Grand Theft Auto series. There isn’t any official confirmation from the company and looks like they’re to keep their mouths shut for a while. But the fans don’t stop, right? The gamers makeup and create a lot of interesting angles for the upcoming game which may or may not be possible when the official game launches. 

To be honest, there is literally no confirmation officially from Rockstar Games regarding the launch or even the development of the game. There was a leak long back by Kotaku which said the game is in “early development” as of August 2020 and even that is not confirmed by the company. This is the only solid lead anyone has witnessed so far when it comes to GTA 6. These leaks further in this article shouldn’t be considered seriously as nothing is said officially. They are just made up stories on some facts which were witnessed by the people. 

We’re going to throw some light on some of those facts and if they can be true or not. Let’s begin. 

Time Travel

Rumors were from a report by Christian Today where it was mentioned that the game might feature time travel by the characters in the game. While it sounds absurd and not possible, we already have seen a glimpse of something like that in GTA V where players could teleport and transit into other players in other places. This feature may not seem possible, the developers can probably come up with something different. The reports also say that teleportation in the game could be in split seconds which is an upgrade over the current transition of heroes. 

Also coming to the time travel part, there might be a possibility of your character going back in time to do something which you might have done in a wrong manner. Exact time travel is not feasible and doesn’t seem like it but connecting through time periods might be there. Since every game in GTA Series already follows a time period with GTA V having a little twist, the future games might have something in store for the gamers. We cannot leave out the possibilities because we’re talking about Rockstar Games here. 

The Whole USA Map or Tokyo?

There are many fan theories in this context that GTA 6 was in making with all the 52 countries in America. Well, if that’s in any way true, it will be a long time for the game to launch in the market because creating a map that big takes a lot of time for the designers and developers. Here teleportation would definitely come in handy because let’s face it, traveling through 52 states is not possible through a car. This game could have some key points according to fan theories that could be used to travel throughout the map easily. 

Do you think this is possible? You can travel by plane or something for long-distance or using the player teleportation to make your work easier. 

Coming to the Tokyo leaks, the Rockstar team visited Japan long back when they were working on GTA 6: Tokyo but that game didn’t see the light for gamers. There were other rumours that Tokyo might be launched as a DLC in other versions of GTA 6 as a bonus for the gamers but even that turned out to be wrong. If the game moved out of the US, it brings a new experience for the users and would take huge efforts by the designers to work on something else and different this time. 

Female Star Character

When asked the creators of GTA V about any female characters, their answer was “we didn’t think about that this time”. It happened in an interview by The Guardian back in 2013 after the launch of GTA V. This suggests that there might be one playable female star character in the game among all. There’s a lot of social chatters regarding this and who knows, Rockstar always surprises their fans. All the characters so far in the GTA Series have been played by the male characters with GTA V having three of them. 


VR games are quite trending in the market right now. People are looking for a new experience in their games. Therefore, we cannot leave out the possibility that GTA 6 would have a VR version too.

Virtual Reality demand has increased a lot in the past couple of years. People who play FPS games need something even more real to enjoy which is why VR games are the best option for them. But considering the financial aspects, adding VR features to the game might not be the best idea and it could also lead to the increasing price in the end game. Let’s hope for the best and not rule out something we don’t know. 

GTA 6 Release Date

There is literally no information regarding this from the official developers and creators regarding this. Rockstar is going full blank whenever someone questions about the release of GTA 6. One of the reasons for this could be the game being one of the best so far. 

Whatever the company is planning, we’re hoping it is good and satisfies the gamers in the market. There isn’t a single hint from the company in this matter, so we cannot say anything for sure regarding any of the leaks mentioned above. Let’s hope for the best and not jump into irrelevant conclusions which may or may not crush your expectations. 

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