GTA V Alien Suit – Easy to Get – 2 Minutes

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GTA V Alien Suit – Easy to Get – 2 Minutes

GTA Online is a very chaotic platform for gamers and people are always looking for new challenges to kill their opponents. If you are not aware of your surroundings, you will be easily killed from places you don’t even know about. GTA Online was launched later by Rockstar Games to make sure the players have a reason to stick to the game. There is a hype about the new gta v alien suit, read more about it now.

There have been many events in GTA V where players came together and many interesting updates from the developers. One of the recent updates which got hit and became popular instantly was the Diamond Casino Heist which is a unique update and got the attention of many players worldwide.

Another popular trend seen in GTA Online was the Alien clash between the players in the game. It was made official by Rockstar Games after looking at how the players are enjoying one of their best and expensive costumes in the game.
More about it will be discussed later but if you are a true GTA fan, you might be aware of all of this. This post is for beginners where you will be guided as to how to get the Alien suit but the main target is telling you about why they are so popular in the game.

gta v alien suit

What is an Alien Suit?

This is a term invented by the players in an Alien war they created. There are two Martian-like suits available to buy from the clothes shop in the game which the players were using against each other and killing each other.
The suits feature Green and Purple colors and therefore the players created two separate teams and would go on hunting sprees killing someone in the opponent’s team. This Alien suit was originally a part of the costume in the game but players made a type of event to have fun in the game. Sometimes, the players can be more creative than the developers since it’s them who want to play the game.

Seeing all the hype about this war, Rockstar went ahead and gave a treat for the players offering this suite for free till 17th May. Yes, you read it right.
You could have gotten the suit for free if you were active and knew what was going on in the community but since you did not know about the event, you need to spend money to buy the gta v alien suit and enjoy the war with your friends. After all, you need to pick a side and decide what team you support.

One of the reasons why Rockstar made this suite free for a limited price is because of the pricing range. The suit is quite expensive and you need to work yourself too much to buy one in the game.
If you redeem it during the sale, well and good. If not, there is another treat which you might have availed which can be used to buy the gta v alien suit in the game.

How to Get the Gta V Alien Suit?

One of the easiest methods was getting it during the event period from Rockstar when they gave out the suit for free to all the players. If you were not lucky enough, there are other alternatives to getting the premium suit and go on the hunt for the other opponents.

Keep in mind these wars are not visible to anyone and you need to know some of the sweet spots in the game to find these locations. Also, there is a chance that if you are not in either team, both will hunt you on sight till you die. Do not go on your own spree unless you have a gta v alien suit of your own.

The other way to go is the paid one where you need to find any clothing store in the game by looking up the t-shirt icon on the map and following it.
Rest you can follow the same steps as you would for buying regular clothes. Go to the counter and while scrolling through the list, look for Outfits: Arena War at the bottom of the list. Then from the next list, scroll down and look for Green Martian gta v alien Suit and Purple Martian Suit.

Keep in mind if you do not play GTA V very often, you might not have the funds in the game to buy this gta v alien suit. The price for the Green suit is $358,000 and for the Purple suit is $330,000. This can be a hefty amount for a beginner. But if you are an experienced player in the game, you will be able to earn this amount easily.

This method was also time-limited where the players even got the game for free. Yes, we are talking about the epic games’ sale where the players got the game along with the premium criminal enterprise edition. This package comes with a million dollars in your GTA Online account.
If you were the lucky player who got the Epic games version, you can directly go to the clothing store and purchase both the gta v alien suits without having to spend your time earning a lot of money in the game.

But wait is something missing?

Yes, the Alien Outfit is incomplete without the stick in hand. Go to the weapons store and browse the weapons through the counter.
Look for melee weapons in the section and get your hands on the Pool-Cue. These sticks are used more as a hunting tool and less as a tool through which you can enjoy your pool sessions. Owning this makes your outfit for the Alien war complete and you can join either of the teams to destroy some players in the game together.

Rockstar is surprisingly interested in how the players have fun in the game which is why they made the special event for all the players so that no one misses the fun due to lack of funds.

The event was originally not an official event but the developer’s engagement in the game for the event made it that way. The company always takes care of the players and knows how to deal with these situations. We can expect more like this from Rockstar Games soon.

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