GTA V Diamond Casino Guide

GTA V Diamond Casino Guide

Excited to jump into the adventurous gta v diamond casino heist in online mode? Before you do, there are some basics of the game you should be familiar with. And we’re here with everything you need to know!

The Diamond Casino Heist is a part of Grand Theft Auto’s online game, GTA Online. It consists of a heist mission storyline. The Duggans have taken over the gta v diamond casino from Tao Cheng and the Triads. The vice president of Cheng holdings, Georgina Cheng, needs your help to take down the Duggan. Your task is to infiltrate the diamond casino and rob the vault within. 

To do just that, you’ll need to follow a host of steps. Do the setup right, know the ins and outs of gambling, and take the right approach – only then can you expect to win. So keep reading to find out how to do all that and more. 

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GTA V Diamond Casino Guide

Setting up GTA V Diamond Casino Heist 

There are several setup missions where you need to first visit Lester in the mirror park and buy an arcade property. In your arcade property, your first setup mission will begin. 

Follow the series of missions to collect the arcade equipment necessary for the heist. On the way, Lester explains the three parts of the plan; scope, prepping and score. Lester can also reduce your wanter level in some prep missions. Keep this in mind too, and avoid interaction with the police or the government. 

The scoping mission is optional and requires you to scope all entrances and access points. These will help you during the infiltration later. The main access points are the main door, side doors, terrace, security tunnel, and sewer tunnel. 

What’s the Reward? 

The potential reward and take away from the mission is $2,115,000. But this is just the cash reward. As a first time player, you’ll get only cash. But in subsequent gambling runs, you can also receive diamonds, artwork, or gold, all of which are valued higher than cash. 

From the total reward, Lester takes his cut, and the Crew gets their share. And since you have to steal all the money, any damage you make cuts down the takeaway. After completing the heist, you can take away an amount ranging from $400,000 to $1,750,000. 

Choosing the Right Approach for the Heist 

The game gives you three options to approach your heist. Each option follows a different game plan and different approaches to the heist. Choosing the right approach for the heist is crucial for a win. The three approaches are – Silent and Sneaky, Aggressive, and Big Con.

  • Silent and Sneaky approach

If you’re an expert with stealth and sneakiness, this approach might be the one for you. It’s certainly more challenging than the others. But with practice, you will be a master in it. You have to sneak into the building. Then, using a laser, you need to open the vault. And in all cases, stay out of the security camera’s eye. 

There are six mandatory setup missions that you are supposed to follow in this approach. They are – 

  • getting unmarked weapons, 
  • finding getaway vehicles, 
  • acquiring hacking devices, 
  • getting vault keycards, and
  • getting a nano drone and finding a vault laser. 

These tasks will lead you to acquire the mandatory equipment for the heist. Apart from this, there are several optional missions that you can proceed with while taking this approach.

  • Aggressive approach

Love fighting? Can’t wait to blow up the building? Then this approach is perfect for you. The aggressive approach involves intense combat. You have to fight off the casino security all the way to the vault. Then, blast off the vault like a pro and fly away with the heist. There’s no hiding here!

The six mandatory setup missions that you are supposed to follow in this approach are – 

  • getting unmarked weapons, 
  • finding getaway vehicles, 
  • acquiring hacking devices, 
  • getting vault keycards, and
  • getting thermal vault explosives.

Apart from the mandatory missions, you also get some optional tasks like – scout patrol routes, disrupting Duggan shipments, acquiring security intel, getting power drills, getting security passes, etc.

  • The Big Con approach

This is kinda like the Sneaky approach, minus you in your original form. It’s in the name. You have to con your way into the building. But after you’ve attained the cash, you must fight your way out. 

Of course, you have to set up disguises, and your game plan changes vastly, depending on the entrance you choose. The six mandatory setup missions in this approach are – 

  • getting unmarked weapons, 
  • finding getaway vehicles, 
  • acquiring hacking devices, 
  • getting vault keycards, and
  • getting an entry disguise and vault drills. 

Its optional missions are pretty similar to that of the Aggressive approach, with a few disguise-related addons. 

Tips About Gambling in the GTA V Diamond Casino 

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GTA V Diamond Casino Guide

Gambling in the GTA V diamond casino can be super fun! But you must know its ins and outs, or you’ll end up regretting the entire game. Here are some tips for gaining the upper hand while gambling. 

  1. GTA V Diamond Casino Gambling is very similar to real-world gambling. And that means that you’ll lose. And an awful lot. So get used to losing and bet only as much as you can afford. 
  1. Choose a suitable game for gambling your money. You get several options like:-
  • Slots – Slots are based on pure luck. And you can’t figure out a strategy for this. But that also means playing slots is most straightforward. Remember, the more you bet in slots, the more you get on winning. 
  • Roulette – In roulette, most times, you can expect to spend more than you’ll gain. If you’re compensating for your losses, this is probably not the game you would want to try your hand at. However, this one is also based on luck.
  • Three card poker – You have a high chance of winning in this game with certain tricks. Bet money on the high card queen six-four or better. Fold cards if you have queen six-three or lower. If you remember this, you can expect to win. 
  • Wheel of fortune – Looking for some fun without having to lose any money? Try spinning the wheel of fortune in the GTA V Diamond Casino. It literally costs nothing, and you do have a chance to win. 
  1. Imagine you visited a Las Vegas Casino. Could you ever win by tricking the host? You can’t at the GTA V Diamond Casino either! You have to follow the game’s rules and pay up when you lose. There’s literally no way to hack the system. 

Additional Tips and Tricks to Ace the Heist 

We’ve gone through the basics of the GTA V Diamond Casino Heist. And hopefully, those were enough to give you a successful first run. But knowing a bit extra never hurts while playing GTA V Diamond Casino Online. Here are some more things about the heist you need to remember. 

  1. Speed is more important than quantity. 

During the takeaways in the heist, when you are exiting the casino, always remember, the faster you are, the more chances you have of success.

  1. Choose your Crew wisely.

Always choose the cheapest gunman and driver. And save your stakes for the most skilled hacker. 

  1. Try to prioritize the artworks in the aggressive approach.

The artworks fetch you decent cash. And they’re easier to loot. So try to get them during your heist, especially in the aggressive approach.

  1. Ignore the getaway cars if they are not in a convenient spot. Instead, use pedestrian cars.

Getaway vehicles are for you to escape the security and cops. But if the getaway vehicles are not placed at a safe, use a pedestrian-vehicle to run away.


This guide will help you succeed in Diamond Heist of the Grand Theft Auto V Online. And as you keep playing, you’re sure to get better. So keep trying and coming back for more such guides, secret tips, and gaming hacks!

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