GTA V Hints, Tips, and Tricks

GTA V Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Meta: Can’t wait to play your next game of GTA V? Read our GTA V hints, tips, and tricks just before you do to have better gameplay!

Do you find GTA V thrilling yet challenging to master? Love completing those GTA missions but can’t seem to win the game often? Trying out some prized tips and tricks for the game will undoubtedly help you ace it. 

With innumerable in-game options and additional mod options, GTA V is highly customizable and gives the player the ultimate real-world experience. And to have a good time in this awesome game, read our GTA V hints below!

Uncommon GTA V Hints

Use air more than road

While you may be more thrilled to drive customizable sports cars or those offroad vehicles over the dunes, air travel is definitely easier and quicker. It saves you from traffic. This definitely helps you while competing in missions because some missions come with a timer as well. 

While most main and side missions might require you to drive a vehicle on the road, try to hit the skies while you can. It will save you time and unnecessary hassle.

You might gain a wanted level if you do not already own a hangar and steal a jet or a helicopter from the airport. But since air travel is faster, you will also lose the cops more easily. It’s just a win-win situation for you as a player. So the next time you are on a mission and near the airport, consider getting yourself those extra pair of wings!

Advance cautiously while robbing a security truck

When you are off missions and need some extra bucks, one of the best ways to earn easy money is by robbing. You can steal money off security vehicles. When they are near you, they get highlighted on the map with a blue marker. When this highlight appears, know that you can approach the truck and take away the stash.

But you must advance cautiously and prepare yourself for attention and a wanted level. Thus, after blowing the gate of the trucks with sticky bombs, take away the robbed money quickly and make a run for it before the police arrive.

Also, always look out in the area where you are about to perform the stunt in these situations. Avoid doing it in a place where there are already cops and cop cars nearby. This is because you might not have enough time to make a run for it.

Use the secondary driving camera only when necessary

While driving in GTA 5, especially during missions, your focus must be on the road. In most cases, you will probably be running away from either the enemies or the cops. Thus, in these situations, it is only wise to keep your entire focus on the road. 

Even a slight setback might cost you with them gaining upon you, or you failing the mission. When driving a car in GTA 5, there is an option when you can get a different camera view of the passenger. 

Choosing the passenger view would mean getting into the passenger seat. This would make you lose focus from the road. In some cases, it might help you during a mission but avoid doing it when not extremely necessary.

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GTA V Hints, Tips, and Tricks

Control your vehicle mid-air during jumps

There will be many situations where you will be mid-air with a vehicle either due to fast driving over uneven terrain or jumping off a small cliff. 

To avoid your vehicle from toppling over, try to control your vehicle mid-air such that you drop on your wheels.

This again will help you when driving fast during missions. Plus, it will keep the enemy from outspeeding you. 

You can retrieve toppled vehicles using GTA 5 Hints

You might be worried when your vehicle topples. But do not exit the vehicle just yet.

GTA 5 has a unique feature when you can turn over a toppled vehicle while still inside it. You can do this by using the left and right buttons to get back on the wheels from either side. 

But if you leave your vehicle after it has toppled, there is no way to enter it again. 

Use Chop to your advantage

The game has many real-life features. One of them is the rottweiler pet by Franklin. When playing using the character Franklin, you can train Chop or go on walks with him. This would increase Chop’s abilities, and you will be able to use him to your advantage.

You can take Chop to some missions or use him to find your supplies. The hound follows you everywhere once you take him out. 

He follows your bike or can take the passenger’s seat when in a car. He can also help you out in most combat situations when either an enemy or a civilian is attacking you.

Max out your weapons

When playing the story mode of the game, always keep your weapons maxed out. This will help you further in the game and save the hassle of being short of bullets. 

Once you have completed a few missions and the cash starts flowing in, you would have enough to spend on luxury. But before doing so, hit the ammunition store and get your weapons.

Another bonus tip when going to the store is this: if you go there with a wanted level, there are chances that the owner of the store takes down a few cops for you. So if you have the police after you, going to Ammunition is a great idea. 

Buy a hangar

Since we talked about using air transport more, this comes as a bonus tip. When you steal a plane from the airport, you are bound to get a wanted level. To avoid that, try to buy a hangar first when buying property.

This would save you from getting that wanted level, as you would own the place and the means to travel via air.

Always take cover in gunfights

Most gunfights in GTA 5 can be pretty intense, with you taking more damage than your comrades. Thus, always try to stay behind cover when in a fight. Try to fire from the cover and fire only when the enemy is also off cover. This would save you from taking unnecessary damage and bullet shots.

When your health is low, switch your character to one of the other two characters. Then instantly return back to the character you were. This would regain your full health for free. This is a pretty cool trick to try during missions.


These cool GTA V hints, tips and tricks will make the game so much more fun for you. Plus, you’ll learn a thing or two while enjoying it. Follow these to play the game to its full potential. And if you have secret GTA V hints of your own, comment them down below. 

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