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We use safe and undetected methods to ensure you get the best quality recovery service for your existing GTA Account. We have 4 Plans that we have decided after deep market analysis of the demands of our customers.

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Grand Theft Auto 5 

GTA V also called Grand Theft Auto 5, is an open-world action-adventure game developed by Rockstar Games. GTA Vs main storyline can be considered as one of the best plots in gaming and can be played out in a First-person and Third-person perspective. In GTA V players must complete heists, missions and much more using three protagonists to progress towards the end of the game. If you haven’t tried out GTA V yet, then you are missing out on one of the best games ever made. Here at CsgoSmurfninja we also offer GTA V Accounts for cheap, get yours today or simply avail our  GTA V Recovery Service!

gta v recovery service

GTA Online

The Online mode for GTA was released on 1st October 2013 three weeks after the release of GTA V. GTA Online supports up to 30 players in a single lobby, players can roam freely throughout Los Santos engaging in heists, gambling, and much more! Players can form crews that consist of 1000 players in total, playing as a crew awards a lot of Reputation Points (RP) and Cash. GTA V Recovery Service provides them the level-up, unlocks as well as the money in their account.

You must create a character before stepping into the online world, this process works by choosing two parents which genetically influences the final character. Players level up their characters by gaining Reputation Points. All items in GTA Online require you to be above a certain level to unlock them, once unlocked they can be bought using in-game money. Players can buy vehicles, weapons, properties, exclusive clothing, and so on.

How hard is it to earn money?

Just like money in real-life, earning money in GTA Online is the primary goal of the game. Money brings you respect and also works wonders in this game. GTA Online requires you to have money to unlock weapons, vehicles, clothing, properties, and much more, without money you aren’t going to have fun. Even if you want to earn money in this game using the fastest ways, it will take you a few months of continuous grinding to unlock items. Players also have the option of buying Shark Cards that are very overpriced using real money.

Below are the fastest methods of earning money in the game.

  1. Heists – Max Profit of $400k per hour.
  2. Special Vehicles and Cargo – Max Profit of $300k per hour.
  3. VIP work – Max Profit of $150k per hour.
  4. Gunrunning and Motorcycle Clubs – Max Profit $100k per hour.
  5. Time Trials – Max Profit $75k per hour.

Even if you are going to consistently grind the game to earn money, it is going to take a really long time to unlock expensive items. To earn using the fastest methods you need ownership of properties and businesses in the first place. The easiest method is to check our GTA V Recovery Service.

How hard is it to level up?

Content in GTA Online has level requirements that need to be fulfilled to unlock vehicles, weapons, missions, and much more. Leveling up unlocks lots of items in the game. Players can earn Reputation Points by completing different tasks and will automatically level up once they reach the required Reputation Points.

The Reputation points required for rank 100 and above can be calculated using this formula f(x)=25x² + 23,575x – 1,023,150, where x is the rank.

As you can see the reputation points required to rank up to the next level significantly increases as you level up. This means that you have to complete missions that award higher reputation points or grind for a longer time to level up.

What is GTA V Recovery Service?

This service is a boosting service where we boost your GTA Online Account. This procedure will boost Money, RP, and Unlock various cosmetics on your Personal Account. Depending on which package you purchase, the amount of Cash, RP, and Unlocks will vary but all packages will max out your character’s abilities and come with a 30 to 90-day ban warranty. By using our Recovery Service you can forget about spending time grinding the game and spend time having fun instead. With this boost, you can afford expensive properties, vehicles, clothing, and much more. You also unlock new missions, heists, and exclusive jobs that will excite you even more!

Select the recovery package you like, choose a payment method, fill in your details, and checkout. Please provide your account details along with the order. We will notify you once the order is complete and you can immediately check to see your account boosted. Also head over to our gta v store page for various services.

Why buy from CSGOSmurfNinja?

At, we care about customer satisfaction by making sure customers have a hassle-free experience with us. csgosmurfninja provides you 24×7 live support to help you deal with any problems and inquiries. You can also raise a Ticket if you are not satisfied with your order. We have served numerous customers by providing them GTA V Recovery Service which makes them experience To play the game to its fullest extent. csgosmurfninja uses private methods that are safe and secure to ensure that GTA Online accounts are not negatively affected in any way by using our GTA V Recovery Service. We provide recovery service for various platforms including steam/epic/rockstar.

We support various payment methods to make it more accessible while ensuring safety and security. The GTA Recovery Service will be completed as quickly as possible to make sure that you can experience some of the best content in the game. Get your GTA V Recovery Service for cheap Now!

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