GTA V Signal Jammers: Find & Destroy Them All!

gta v signal jammers

GTA V Signal Jammers: Find & Destroy Them All!

Rockstar Games all-time popular GTA V is still in the news and the creators make sure the hype of the players doesn’t end there. This is why the developers come out of new things and plan to engage the gamers and make it worth their while. In this guide find everything you need to know about GTA v signal jammers. There have been a lot of updates in the game in the past few years with new opportunities for the players to enjoy their open-world game. GTA Online is probably one of the best platforms to enjoy with your friends and the regular updates keep the audience in place.

The hacker’s situation is a nuisance everywhere but that doesn’t make the true fans or gamers to stop playing the game. You can enjoy the game with your friends and complete heists etc to earn money and own new businesses and other stuff in the game. The items can be quite expensive and you need to work a lot of missions to complete them.

What are GTA V Signal Jammers?

If you have been following GTA Online for a while, there are a lot of big updates that were announced for the users. One of the updates was “The Diamond Casino Heist” which was announced back in December 2019. This is probably one of the biggest updates ever in GTA Online. This heist is very different from your regular heists which makes it one of the most premium heists in GTA V. You need a ton of cash and resources to start this and the end results are sweet.

You need to complete the prep missions and collect the resources required for the final heist. More about this has been discussed in the Diamond Casino Heist article. Check that out for detailed info on what this heist is about.

GTA v Signal Jammers is one of the key elements of the casino heist if you are able to find and destroy them. They are described as collectables but you need to find all the 50 Gta v Signal Jammers and destroy them. These GTA v Signal Jammers are part of an additional mission where Lester tasks your player to find a high rated hacker named Avi for whom you need to destroy these jammers. After you start with one, you get a notification from Lester when the task begins.

Why destroy these Gta v Signal Jammers?

There are multiple benefits of destroying these jammers in the game which could profit you and your heist. Since the hacker Avi wants all these gone, you will get a good amount of $2000 and 1000RP in the game. For 50 Gta v signal jammers destroyed, you get whopping cash of $100,000 which can be quite useful in the game. Still, not satisfied? After completing this mission, you get an additional bonus of $50,000. In total, you are earning $150,000 by finding and destroying 50 Gta v signal jammers across the map.

This was just one of the benefits. The other one being the hacker Avi working with you on your Casio Heist. His skills will be very useful for this job as it can get you past gates and getaway cars. After completion of the heist, Avi will ask for a 10% commission from the total cut. You can also visit our Gta V Store to buy modded accounts.

It’s totally up to you if you want to do this heist with or without him. You might be wondering why this guy will be working with us? These jammers are installed by the government and are blocking his communication for a long time. Removing these leads to him agreeing to this job and the heist will become much easier with a skilled hacker on board.

How to Find these Signal Jammers?

For a regular player, it is quite hard to locate these Gta v Signal Jammers in the game. Luckily for you, we have already found the locations and marked them on the map for you. You can easily find all the spots where the Jammers are located from the map below.

location of signal jammers in gta v
GTA V Signal Jammers: Find & Destroy Them All!

These Gta v Signal Jammers are mostly located at a high point of view in the game. These spots are usually billboards or towers which can be quite big. Finding a small jammer will be very hard and even after reaching the location given on the map, you need to do a manual sweep of the area to find out the exact place where the Jammers are located.

There is an easy way to find these box like jammers in the map. One of the methods is to reach the location and focus on the sound by walking up to particularly tall buildings. These Jammers have a beeping noise which can help in locating them across so many buildings.

If you’re aren’t able to do it in the daylight, the best alternative is to visit at night. Why? These Jammers have blinking lights which are a little easier to spot on the buildings rather than nothing in the daylight. But even after searching at night, you need to be more cautious as you might miss if you don’t look properly. Having the map above doesn’t mean you can easily get to the point and find the Jammer.

How to destroy the Gta v Signal Jammers?

There is no rocket science of heavy ammunition required to destroy these jammers. After completing the hefty task of locating them, make sure to carry a sniper rifle with you. You can easily scope in from long range and destroy these Jammers easily. If you have done the past missions, having a sniper is not as hard as you might be thinking. You can also buy a sniper from the ammunition store in the game.

Another way of destroying the Jammers is having a flying vehicle with you that can carry and shoot weapons. Fly and shoot along the way to destroy all the Jammers and get the hacker on board to engage in the biggest heist of the game.

destroy signal jammers gta v
GTA V Signal Jammers: Find & Destroy Them All!

If you have any questions regarding the location of the jammers, do comment below so that we can check and update accordingly. Comment if this article helped you in any way. Enjoy your heist!!

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