How to Mod GTA V

how to mod gta v

How to Mod GTA V

How to Mod GTA V

At the point when a specific subset of fans got themselves unsatisfied with everything Grand Theft Auto V offered, they chose to bring in mods to form the world to accommodate their own picture. Mods permit clients to totally adjust the game and significantly alter it including the character models. Here’s how you can mod GTA 5, including where to get mods and how to install gta mods.

What will Mod Gta V actually do?

The psyches behind the different Install Grand Theft Auto V mods are as exclusive and off-the-divider as the mods themselves, you just need to learn how to mod gta v and you are good to go!The most ideal approach to clarify what mods are equipped for is to just clarify a couple of them. One of the most famous mods, for instance, transforms you into Iron Man. As opposed to assuming the job of whatever character you pick, you rather wear the Iron Man protective armour and fly your way through Los Santos and assault anybody that hinders you. +

gta v mods
How to Mod GTA V

Another mod transforms your character into Mario, complete with the audio cues of the first NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) game. Jump and bounce your way through the city and beat up random people on foot in the event that it suits your extravagant, or chase down Goomba and locate whatever loathsome plot Bowser is up to. 

The mod gta v network in Grand Theft Auto V is fit as a fiddle, and mods extend from innovatively senseless to absolutely noteworthy. Mod gta v can extend the in-game landmass, give new missions and zones to investigate, and include new vehicles in the game that even the innovative minds at Rockstar never thought of. 

Grand Theft Auto V mods let you change pretty much every perspective about the game to give yourself a totally unique encounter. Be that as it may, the dominant parts are just accessible in single player modes. Any mod gta v utilized online may give clients an uncalled advantage, so designer Rockstar Games has taken a firm position against whatever may be utilized as an endeavor.

Things to Know Before Downloading and Installing Mods

There are a variety of spots to discover Grand Theft Auto V mods, yet before you start searching for it, there are a couple of things you have to do already. 

To begin with, make a separate folder to store your mods. This can be in your work area or in an archives folder. The area in which it is stored doesn’t make a difference as long as you are most likely aware where to discover it. Name it something like “Amazing GTA Mods” or “Wow Mods”.

  • GTA Forums
  • GTA5-Mods
  • Nexus Mods
  • Grand Theft Auto 5 PC Subreddit
  • GTAV Mods Subreddit

These are some of the trusted and most popular sites from where you can download some cool GTA V mods.

Warning: Remember that any file downloaded from the Internet conveys an innate danger of malware or spyware. Stay up with the latest version of your antivirus software. Implement best practices for cybersecurity while downloading any file, even from sites you trust.

How to Download and Install gta Mod?

A few mods may require extra downloads that have nothing to do with modding the game itself, however empower the mod to work appropriately or load explicit textures or file packs. 

Two of these records are Script Hook V and the GTAV LUA Plugin. Script Hook V permits mods to “snare” into the single player code of GTA V, while the LUA Plugin lets the game use LUA, a typical programming language utilized in the formation of mods. Download and adhere to the installation guidelines for both of these before you start.

Download the mod document to the “GTA V Mods” file that you created earlier. For instance, a mod permitting you to heal yourself by inclining toward a wall. Click here to download the healing mod. (We will be using this mod for illustration)

Create a secondary folder with a name similar to the mod gta v, as you will have to extract some files from the downloaded file to the secondary folder.

After downloading, move the file “HealByLeaningOnWall.dll” to the C:\program files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\GrandTheftAutoV\scripts\addins folder.

Note: The folder varies depending upon the location in which you have stored it. Just make sure you see GTAV.exe and bink2w64.dll files.

Now launch GTA V and check how the mod gta v for several performs. If you had extracted and pasted the files correctly, then you will be able to regain your HP (Hit Points)  just by leaning against any wall.

Note: “\scripts\addins” Keep this folder in mind, as this would be the folder where you will be storing all the different types of install gta mods.

Is it Legal to use Mods in GTA V?

You may discover many discussions and debates online on various forums about the lawfulness of modding. In truth, it’s somewhat of a hazy situation. 

Utilizing mods in online modes isn’t unlawful, however it breaks the terms of Service for the game and can bring about an account ban from Rockstar Games. In the meantime, selling mod gta v is illicit, as it utilizes copyrighted and trademarked substance for unlicensed business. 

Be that as it may, modding for entertainment or fun only is completely fine. Changing the in-game records so you can drive around a rocket-fueled Thomas the Tank Engine won’t land you in jail. Keep your modding confined to single-player mode and you’ll have nothing to stress over.

mod gta v
How to Mod GTA V

How to Be Safe while Modding?

To counter the danger of being tainted, Make sure the main GTA modding sites you download from is and and other trusted underground networks mentioned above. 

These are the few sites that have safety efforts incorporated with the transferring framework which filters for potential malware and other awful shite. 

Something that I have a tremendous measure of regard for is the affirming framework the team over at has set up. Their team inspects and assesses every mod gta v anticipating endorsement to their site for malware before approving said mod gta v to be accessible openly, This additionally incorporates mod gta v updates. Apart from this, as mentioned earlier make sure that your Antivirus software is up to date and is turned on.

Good luck and happy modding!



Rockstar Games has disabled MP cars in SP. Most of the trainers below will fix this issue after an update.
Add-On Vehicle Spawner automatically enables MP vehicles in SP.
Simple Trainer also works, but needs to be updated after each patch.
Menyoo also works, but needs to be updated after each patch


You would have probably installed a mod pack with many vehicles or manually installed many vehicles. This is related to gameconfig.xml and to solve this issue, you should find a replacement


If you’re crashing whilst attempting to go full screen mode on your game or exiting from full screen mode, this is mostly caused by Reshade not being configured correctly, and thus will be injected into the wrong DX version (actually it should be version 11). If the reshade .dll name is anything other than the following: dxgi.dll , d3d11.dll or ReShade.dll, you’re targeting the wrong version of DirectX, even if in-game you’re running DirectX 9 or DirectX 10. To fix this issue, download the Reshade Binary and target GTA5.exe with DirectX version 11. After this to ensure compatibility with Boris Vorontsov’s ENB, change the ProxyLibrary value in enblocal.ini to reflect the respective ReShade dll which has just been created in the root game directory


There might be a wrong reference to that particular vehicle handling and/or layout. Check vehicles.meta for the correct references


You’re not using a mods folder and/or referring to non-imported files in content.xml. As OpenIV.asi disables the checking of game file integrity, any message referring to corrupt game files means that either Scripthook V or OpenIV.asi is missing. These are some of the important applications that you will require to download and install some of the mods

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