How to surf in CSGO Surf Maps 2021

surf in csgo

How to surf in CSGO Surf Maps 2021

How to surf in CSGO?

How to surf in CSGO

CSGO, as we all know, is a competitive first-person shooter. CSGO proved to be a worldwide phenomenon in terms of its unique mechanics and game mode. Surfing is nothing like the CSGO we all saw and enjoyed rather it is a parkour type of game mode which attracted attention due to its gameplay. Surfing is not an official game mode in CSGO. It is a workshop game mode. Surfing in CSGO has always been an important part of CSGO’s history because of the fanbase it has.

Trust me, A lot of players log into CSGO just to play surf. Surfing requires a lot of skill to master. Surfing has always been a stressbuster. Players who are tired of competitive or any other game mode, they can just find a surf server and chill! It is very different compared to all the official game modes in CSGO. Continue reading to learn more about How to surf in CSGO

Since the skill ceiling in Surfing is high, There are tons of surf maps available in the Steam workshop from tier 1 to tier 6, tier 1 being beginner difficult and tier 6 being difficult. Although the basic concept of Surfing is to touch the finish line, Some of the Surf maps are purely designed to challenge yourself and break records or trials. There are also Combat surf maps in CSGO where you can fight with players while surfing. Surfing with Nova shotgun is a killer combo. There are basically two types of Surfing maps in CSGO

  • Linear
  • Staged

Linear Surf maps are your classic surf maps where you start at a point and go through the whole to reach the end. If you fail at any part of the map you will be sent straight back to spawn. Staged surf maps are easier and rage-free. You can basically finish a Staged map part by part. Basically working your way through the maps with checkpoints provided. Does surfing have anything to do with competitive CSGO? No, Surfing is rather a funfilled experience especially because of its smooth gameplay. I always consider surfing as a stressbuster. Surfing has nothing to do with your aim, It certainly won’t mess your aim up. So, are you interested in learning how to surf in CSGO? Let’s get into the guide.

csgo surfing tips and tricks


Before getting into surfing, make sure you find the right surfing server. To find the right Surfing server, Click on ‘Play’ and go to ‘Community Servers’ and on the search bar type ‘surf’ and you will be able to find a bunch of surf servers, Find a surf server with a suitable ping to learn How to surf in CSGO. It is your preference if you want to play with other players or not. You can also download a surf map from the steam workshop and host a lobby of your own but I highly recommend you go play on a  Surf server because when you host a surf map, you might have to put a ton of commands in order to surf properly and master How to surf in CSGO.

Some maps from the workshop will have the command ready but finding a surf server from the community servers is the best way to play. There might be some servers that only have advanced surf maps which is really a bad idea for beginners. It will definitely make you quit surfing. So, Find the right server. Once you hop into a Beginner surf server, you can see that the whole map’s route basically looks like a slippery surface. It will look something like this. which might help you to learn How to surf in CSGO

How to surf in CSGO


Surprisingly, You don’t have to press ‘W’ in surfing. You should only press ‘W’ before you start surfing. As soon as you start, If you take the Right-side surface then you have to press the opposite direction movement key. If you take the right side then you have to hold ‘A’ which is your left side movement key. In this way, you won’t fall off the surface and it lets you surf. The whole point of surfing is to gain speed and glide through the map. Obviously, Just pressing a key and using your mouse to turn will definitely be easy. So even the beginner maps will have cuts between the surface where you have to jump and reach the next surface without losing any speed. After reading this you might have a good idea about How to surf in CSGO.

So, How do you do that? Well, It’s simple. You have to go down as much as possible while surfing, and when its time to jump you have to go up so your speed is increased. If you do it right, you will be getting plenty of air time. You can also watch this youtube video

By hovering around the lower portions of the ramp, you’ll be able to cover larger distances when you launch yourself into the air. This jumping technique is pretty easy on beginner maps as it won’t require perfection. As you move forward, You’ll have to time the jumps right to jump a little more and reach a checkpoint. You have to flick your mouse in the corresponding direction of your jump to gain more speed, as a result, it will help you reach a checkpoint. That is basically it, This is how you surf in CSGO. Also buy smurf accounts from our csgo store

It may look simple but as you climb up the tiers you might find the maps challenging. As soon as you jump off the starting platform, Make sure you press the right key for the side that you take and try to go down as much as possible on the ramp and when you have to jump make you reach the ramp’s top before lifting off. These mechanics are more than enough to complete any beginner surf maps. Advanced surfing maps require you to know bunny hops and some crazy stuff but that is irrelevant right now. I highly recommended you start off with a tier1 server or you’ll end up hating surf in a day. Try sticking to a single server because a good server will be frequently updated with a lot of content. Who knows? You might end up making a bunch of friends on your journey. Happy surfing!

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