Increase CSGO Trust Factor

csgo trust factor

Increase CSGO Trust Factor

Increase CSGO Trust Factor
Increase CSGO Trust Factor

CSGO Trust Factor:

Valve Corporations, the creators of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dota, Half-life, etc, have come with a new system to combat toxicity and hacking which has literally been ruining competitive games for quite some time and has been the sole reason why players have been leaving the game. They implemented this new increase csgo Trust Factor system for CSGO by the end of 2017. The purpose of this system to get rid of the toxic community that harasses, ruins, and throws competitive games of players who try their very best to climb the ladder. Another reason was to stop matching prime-enabled players with hackers who cheat and aim-bot.

What is the Trust Factor:

CSGO prime matchmaking is either bought for money or the player has to hit private rank 21 to acquire the prime status, which is a pretty tedious task even for someone who grinds almost every day. The prime system separated many players as prime and non-prime were unable to queue together unless in a full party. Due to the community backlash, Valve came up with the increase csgo Trust Factor. This will easily improve the gaming experience if you are an honest and sincere player.

This new and improved matchmaking combines the features of prime and some other factors and takes into account, how many times and how frequently an account is getting reported, how much experience the account has, the game-time on CSGO and other information on what the player has done overall across the steam platform. Increase csgo trust factor is difficult to attain but easy if you know how it works.

What are the factors taken into consideration?

Valve Corporation does not state or give details on how the trust factor works or what it takes into consideration as players will look for ways to exploit the system if known. The Increase Csgo Trust Factor system is constantly made changes to and any list of ‘factors’ will soon get outdated.

Can I view my Trust Factor?

The players cannot view their own Trust Factor but they can check if it is low or high. Do not worry, the goal of this is to give players a good experience without them having to worry about the quality of the matchmaking. You will be matched with similar players and depending on the skill group, the time of day, the region you’re queuing from, the number of players queuing, and the map, matchmaking will vary.

Note that the trust factor is always ‘ON’ and you don’t have to search for this feature in the settings.

CSGO Trust Factor Guide 2020
Increase CSGO Trust Factor

Having a low trust factor is the last thing you’d want. This means you’ll be matched with players who have a relatively low trust factor in the next game. These players are players who cheat, hack, and throw for fun, or luckily you might find a player like you. These end up being poor quality matches and this forces good players to quit the game. You will almost always be matched with players of a similar trust factor.

Trust Factor along with prime matchmaking is what makes up today’s matchmaking better and better. This also means that hackers will be matched with hackers due to their low trust factor and you might actually slip into this hacking hell. Read below to find out how to stay on the green trust factor.

Is there a way around to get to know my Trust Factor?

Yes, there is but it only lets you know if the trust factor is either low or high. It is pretty simple and straightforward though.

First, all you have to do is queue up with a friend or anyone you know who has the prime status and the ‘Green Trust Factor’. If it is red you will need to increase csgo trust factor.

But how do I find someone with a green trust factor?

Generally, players with a lot of wins, service medals, loyalty badges, and hours on the game tend to have a green trust factor as they take the competitive ladder seriously.

Now party up with your friend and queue for competitive matchmaking. Here, you will encounter either of the three things, you will get a Red warning, a Yellow warning or nothing.

Let’s see what these mean.

Note that the matchmaking takes the trust factor of the individual with the lowest trust factor and prime status into account.

Getting a Red warning:

If you get a red message stating the following:

Your matchmaking experience will be significantly affected because the Trust Factor of <Player> is substantially lower than yours.”

red trust factor
Increase CSGO Trust Factor

Then, this means that one of the members in your party that you are currently queuing with has a very low trust factor than that of yours. This means that the system will match players with a red trust factor as the system considers the lowest trust factor in your party. Queuing with such players will also slowly reduce your trust factor to a level where you will start encountering a lot of hackers. So avoid partying with a player with a red trust factor if you want to climb. These are generally hackers who get reported every day. Keep reading to learn how to increase csgo trust factor.

Getting a yellow warning:

If you get a yellow message stating the following:

Your matchmaking experience may be slightly impacted because the Trust Factor of <Player> is lower than yours.” You will need to increase csgo trust factor.

yellow trust factor
Increase CSGO Trust Factor

Then, a player in your party has a slightly lower skill rating than yours. Again, you will be placed with players who have the yellow trust factor. Queuing with these players will affect your trust factor and you’ll soon encounter hackers. Yellow trust factor accounts are generally players who are toxic and players who throw games. Avoid getting to this level of trust factor.

Note that you will be able to party up with red and yellow trust factor players but with the understanding that you are placing your trust factor at risk.

Green Increase csgo Trust Factor:

green trust factor
Increase CSGO Trust Factor

If you get no message regarding the trust factor while queuing and go straight into matchmaking then this means that both of you have a green trust factor. This does not entirely guarantee that you will not be placed with players with red and yellow trust factors.

To test this, you MUST have at least one player with a green trust factor in your party.

Why is my Trust Factor so low?

Many factors affect your increase csgo trust factor, nothing has been confirmed by Valve though.

  • If you have a Non-Prime Account, this is mostly the case as the majority of the Red and Yellow Trust Factor Players are Non-Prime Players. Your Prime status matters the most.
  • Regularly queuing with players who have a lower trust factor than you.
  • If your account is ‘restricted’ or if you haven’t linked your account with your mobile number, then it seems to affect it as well.
  • Getting reported by players for toxicity and cheating.
  • Damaging a salty teammate is fun, yes but killing them and getting kicked from the game hurts your factor too.

Increase CSGO Trust Factor Fast & Easy

If you’re a player who has a yellow or red trust factor and would want to bring it up, then follow these,

  1. Link your steam account with your mobile number to boost your trust level.
  2. Making your account unrestricted, simply spend $5 on your steam account to buy a game or some in-game items.
  3. The most important thing, be an active and positive member of the community, keep grinding, and keep winning. 
  4. Solve overwatch cases and give verdicts (The most effective method)
  5. Get in Game Commends. (These also have proved to be effective.)

Will new players have a low trust factor?

Not necessarily, the trust factor is affected by the user’s gameplay and steam information. Don’t worry, if you’ve been a positive member of the community before, you’ll most likely have a high trust factor in CSGO, or by now you know how to tackle red trust factor and increase csgo trust factor easily! Wondering if we are trusted? visit TrustPilot for our reviews.

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