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The two-time major winner, Freddy Johansson from FNATIC, has just been issued a VAC: Valve Anti-cheat ban, Yes that’s correct Krimz Vac Banned! The 26year old from Sweden had emerged victorious in 2 ESLs consecutively One: Katowice 2015 and ESL One: Cologne 2015, in addition to the CSGO PRO also won at approximately 20 premier LAN events ever since 2013. Since his profile says “0 days since the last ban,” implying Krimz Vac banned in the last 24 hours, but the reason for the ban remains a mystery as of now.

As Krimz Vac Banned & tweeted:

FNATIC, founded 16 years ago, has had a great run and played across the world in various games like  Apex LegendsCounter-Strike: Global OffensiveDota 2Heroes of the StormLeague of LegendsPUBG Mobile, and Rainbow Six Siege. They won their first League of Legends championship way back in 2011 and held the record for the most League of Legends championship series titles. In the 2115 EU LCS Summer Split, they become the first LCS team to finish a split unbeaten. Their CSGO team has been located in Sweden and has won three foremost Global Offensive Majors and other tournaments, Nobody expects FNATIC players to hack and especially not KRIMZ VAC BANNED!

With more than 1,300,000 fans via web-based media following the group on social media. In Europe, the US, India, and South America, Fnatic remains a standout amongst other esports associations, whose players have achieved various competition wins. Fnatic likewise won the ESPORTS Team of the Year Award in 2006 and 2009

Fnatic has long been the most despised CS: GO, team. Fans often blamed Robin “flusha” Rönnquist for cheating; the memorable Fnatic did not add to the popularity. Since then, Fnatic has substantially improved in the eyes of CS: GO fans, but now VAC is approaching.

Krimz joined n 2014 and is one of the favourite players and has never been a target for these allegations. It is being said that the ban was probably just a fault in Valve’sValve’s system, or his account got hacked. However, if our Swedish gamer’s fault is confirmed, it will critically change the view of fans not only on the professional scene but on CS: GO. If Krimz VAC Banned is true and pro players can cheat for years, why can’t matchmaking players do the same?

It is not the first time that hackers have targeted professional players. “Junior” Johnson, the star of the North American team Triumph, can tell his story. He lost his whole $ 20,000 CS: GO inventory on Friday, November 27.

Flusha’s relation to Krimz Vac Banned?

Flusha Banned Krimz

There has been word around that Valve knew about Flusha’s malicious methods and kept them hidden, and never acted on them. Their integrity was questioned by Natus Vincere legend Sergey’ starix’ Ischuk; he declared that they hid the information to Protect their image, which makes sense. Nonetheless, the brutal scene’s respectability has just come into question after mentors of conspicuous groups miBr, Heroic and Hard Legion were given boycotts for utilizing an adventure to increase significant data deceptively.

After receiving the heat of all these accusations and integrity questions, he stated, “I have never been banned or gotten disqualified for cheating from a tournament, league, or ladder in all my life, yet a lot of different admins has reviewed me.”

He states that, since having these allegations set against him, 9 out of 10 private messages via web-based media have been passing dangers and that this was making him drop out of affection with the game.

While many would have been squashed under the weight of the scorn and the developing heap of dubious clasps, Flusha utilized the disdain as fuel for one of the best professions in Counter-Strike, and he is as yet winning occasions right up ’til the present time.

The bug abuse was, as of late, fixed by Valve. Yet, late uncovered have focused light on the mentor bug, clarifying that it was a piece of the game since 2016. However, one must not draw any conclusions has any evidence did not support starix’s opinion.

Inquiries on his respectability have for some time been tossed into the public eye. The Swede has been one of only a handful of few players who have continually been suspected of cheating by fans and neutrals in the available space because of his outstanding features. All this between the New CSGO Operation leaks is making the fans even more furious! Will the Krimz Vac Banned be restored? Everybody expects it to happen sooner or later.

The CSGO network can’t appear to be to have the option to get a break nowadays. Valorant has begun disintegrating the player base a considerable amount, with unmistakable stars presently doing the switch. Add to that the mentor bug misuse show and now the reemerging of the Flusha allegations; it is essential that Valve currently makes significant strides towards improving the scene’s status, in case it becomes as abandoned up top as the Dota2 scene has evolved in the ongoing months. It is evident CSGO needs a better anti-cheat, something that works like VANGUARD so that people like Krimz Vac banned after years, doesn’t happen again.

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