CSGO December 6 Loyalty Badge Upgrade

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CSGO December 6 Loyalty Badge Upgrade

Are you wondering what is the famous Loyalty Badge? What is csgo loyalty badge meaning? What is the csgo loyalty badge price? Can I have a csgo loyalty badge but no prime? Where can I buy csgo loyalty badge accounts?

December 6, 2019, was the legendary date in the history of csgo. Making a remarkable change in the game itself by introducing csgo loyalty badge accounts.

What happened?

Due to some really unknown reason, Valve Corp. decided to make the game csgo free to play for everyone.

This was often disappointed for the csgo community. But keep this thing in mind, Valve also gave Badge to the existing player. This was actually a token of appreciation from Valve.

Moreover, the most important issue that was increasing the rate of hackers, got a super boost after the update.

Some critics said, the update is good, some said the update will destroy the game. But in the actual scene, csgo is unaffected by the update. Keeping its player base constant. There is no csgo loyalty badge meaning.

Actually the loyalty badge never got any high attention or value. As it was very common to the community and everyone got the badge. After the update, the loyalty badge started getting some attention. Because fresh accounts started to get the prime status but without the loyalty badge. By the end of 2019, a loyalty badge got some attention. Now there are two types of categories in accounts. One with loyalty badge and one without it. CSGO Loyalty Badge price starts from 18$ and is an important part of all csgo service medal accounts. You can easily buy csgo loyalty badge accounts from us.

So what’s the hype all about?

The main focus of the valve was to make a change without disturbing the player base. And csgo did what they planned to do. The player base was as stable as untouched water.

Now the whole point lies upon how to get a loyalty badge?
Well, the answer is more simple. We got you covered! We have a huge variety of csgo accounts with a loyalty badge. You don’t need to be an old player to claim a loyalty badge. Just crack a good deal at our website CSGOSmurfNinja and enjoy the loyalty badge.

At the current time, you just can’t earn the loyalty badge itself. The reason is simple: csgo does not offer any more loyalty badges to new players. But why worry even for a single moment?
You can buy instant primes with a loyalty badge in a matter of seconds! All players before the December 6 csgo update were upgraded to price hence only prime players have loyalty badges. It is not possible to have csgo loyalty badge but no prime.

Why buy csgo loyalty badge accounts from us?

We are one of the finest dealers of csgo accounts. Our quality is only our priority. We work 24*7 to find excellent quality accounts with a loyalty badge. Whether it is a high tier or low tier we got loyalty badge in all variety of csgo accounts.

Csgo is the game of conquerer and the only way to dominate is to practice hard. This does not involve efforts of getting all these cool badges and coins.
A king is always a king and he never takes any effort to earn the crown. He gets it cause he deserves it. Treat yourself as a king and work around on your skills. Buy an account with loyalty badge from us and start your kingdom of proness.

It’s never too late to start. But if you can get a boost on start then it works better. It enhances your confidence and boosts your gamer soul. Don’t wait for a loyalty badge to appear on your account. Cause it’s never going to happen. Simply get a prime account with the cheapest price on this planet. And best in class customer support with perfection in everything. You buy an account from us. We will treat you like a king and will always keep you happy with our excellent service.

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