CSGO June 3 – Non Prime Update

Valve has launched a new update on June 3, it’s going to have massive changes in the accounts scene. Starting with the Removal of Non Prime Accounts & The introduction of Unranked Competitive 100% ready accounts.

Unranked 100% Competitive Ready Accounts

Unranked 100% Competitive Ready Accounts with High PR

Read This before purchasing

These accounts will LOOSE all skill group/rank/pr if you do not purchase prime status upgrade. Prime status upgrades can be bought from steam or from us.

Why Do You Need a CSGO Non-Prime Account?

Call yourself a Counter-Strike super fan? You aren’t one unless you’ve reaped every single one of its perks. And one of the best is a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive non-prime account.

This highly competitive multiplayer shooting game remains a hit even 9 years after its release. And why should it not? With amazing graphics and countless features, it makes sure you get an experience of a lifetime. The makers have also made sure to enhance your experience further. And that too for a minimal cost. For this, they use the non-prime account. 

But what exactly is the non-prime account? Is it any useful? And how exactly do you get one? We know you have a million questions about it. So we have answers. Keep reading to find out why you need a CSGO non-prime account and how you can get one. 

What are non-prime accounts?

CSGO Non-prime are steam accounts that are for the private ranks below 21. This status allows the players to experience 10-30 wins. After getting a non-prime account, you can enhance your gaming skills in CSGO. 

The price of non-prime accounts is far less than more advanced ranking accounts. However, players who bought the game after it became available for free are the only ones who are eligible for a non-prime account.

The non-prime account is available in a variety of levels of ranks. Depending on what kind of matchmaking you’re looking for, you can choose anyone. For a beginner CSGO player with a low budget, there could be nothing better than a non-prime account. 

Reasons to buy a CGSO Non-Prime Account      

Why should you even invest in a non-prime account? Aren’t you better off with just casual gameplay? 

No, you aren’t! For starters, you’ll have a much better gaming experience with a CSGO non-prime account. And if you’re a beginner with less than rank 20 in the game, this account is an excellent choice, and here are some reasons why:

Create as many accounts as you wish

Do you want a new account to play CGOS? Don’t worry because a non-prime account provides you the opportunity to smurf even at low ELOS. In the case of a prime account, no player can make more than one account. This is because you have to provide a phone number while creating an account.

But you can create multiple accounts with CGSO non-prime.

When you have non-prime status, you can use multiple accounts to challenge other players. If you are a CSGO streamer, this feature will help you a lot as a beginner. You can get ranked or boosted non-prime accounts for excellent results.

Level Up

CSGO is ultra-competitive, and one of the most competitive aspects is the rank of a player. Out of the total of 18 ranks, 6 are for beginners, and the rest are for skilled players. But as a beginner, achieving the highest of the 6 ranks is very important if you ever want to progress. 

Unfortunately, newbies tend to make mistakes often while playing. And in this game, even minor mistakes can make you lose matches. As you lose matches, your rank becomes worse too. But by buying a ranked CSGO account, you can save your game and your reputation. 

At CSGO Smurf Ninja, you can purchase a high-ranking non-prime account almost instantly to boost up your game.

Increases your Confidence

Imagine if you kept winning game after game playing against equally skilled opponents? The non-prime matchmaking allows you to play against similarly skilled players. Therefore, as you win and improve, your confidence skyrockets too! 

Try new Maps and Weapons

What if you had a good rank beyond 21 but weren’t familiar with some cool maps and weapons? Well, if you have a CSGO non-prime account, this won’t be the case. You can play with new maps and weapons. And for this, you won’t have to use the main account.

Save Time

Yes, you love gaming. But that doesn’t mean you have all the time in the world. If you’re trying to achieve a high rank, however, you will need a lot of time. 

But if you purchase a ranked CSGO non-prime account, you don’t have to spend any to achieve a better rank. You can instead use your skills to polish up your game. So instead of wasting your precious time only on ranks, get an already ranked account and play better.  

Start Again

If your account has been blocked by the smurf forbidding valve, buying a non-prime account is your best bet to get back into the game. And it will take absolutely no time or hard bargains to get one. 

So don’t abandon your dreams of winning CSGO solely because you’ve been blocked. Buy a non-prime account at dirt cheap rates from CSGO smurf ninja and resume today.

Get High Trust Factor

The trust factor is essential in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. But new players and spinbots usually have minimal trust factor. You can overcome this by buying a CSGO non-prime account with a high trust factor. 

At CSGO Smurf Ninja, you can get such an account instantly and at a very reasonable price. So shop today to gain trust factor in the game.

How to Get a CSGO Non-prime account?

Tempted enough to buy a CSGO non-prime account now? We’ll tell you the easiest way to get one. Just go to csgosmurfninja.com and buy your favorite non-prime smurf account. 

Our CSGO smurf accounts are the cheapest out there. On top of that, we offer the best service too. Our expert team will sort out any technical difficulties for you and help you activate your purchased non-prime account in no time. And that isn’t it! 

Here are some additional perks of buying a CSGO non-prime account from csgosmurfninja.com:

  • Get highly secure non-prime accounts with no worries of hacks and leaks. 
  • We make sure that the account you purchase is well-prepared for you. You get a fantastic user experience, and we get satisfaction!
  • Our Instant delivery makes sure you don’t have to hold your game for long.
  • Our 24/7 active status means we are here for you even if you need us on those overnight gaming marathons. 
  • You don’t need to win 10 games to get a ranked account. We have several variants of the non-prime account, including Global Elite Non-Prime, Gold Nova 3 Non-Prime, MG1 non-prime, Silver non-prime, Silver-elite non-prime, and a ton more!
  • We also offer CSGO non-prime accounts with a high trust factor.
  • Our CSGO non-prime accounts expose you to better matchmaking too. And you end up enjoying your game way more than usual. 

Get Your CSGO Non-Prime Account Today!

Don’t wait too long now to get your ranked CSGO non-prime account. With it, you can do wonders in the game, even as a beginner. So start browsing our website for a range of ranked CSGO non-prime accounts. And shop for the one you want. If you can’t figure out how to do it, contact our team. We are here to help! And if you’ve already gotten one from us, comment down below your experience of playing with a non-prime account.

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