CSGO Operation Shattered Web Update

Shattered Web Pass

CSGO Operation Shattered Web Update

CSGO Operation Shattered Web Update

Another operation after a long time that really shattered the tears out of csgo players. The all-new CSGO Operation shattered web is getting too much attention. Everybody wants to know about the csgo operation shattered web missions, shattered web operation price and even csgo operation shattered web rewards. For a walkthrough, you can also watch a video on YouTube.

Why it is attention-seeking?

Well csgo always released incredible operations. You can buy csgo smurfs with service medals including the latest operation pass from CSGOSmurfNinja – #1 Store for CSGOSmurfs
Right from Operation payback (the first-ever csgo operation) to operation hydra. Csgo was consistent in releasing operations. One operation every year was enough for the players to enjoy the game.

But some really weird and disappointing happened right from the end of operation hydra. No operation was released for a really long span of time from operation hydra.

The community was really confused and sad at the same time that why valve is not doing anything about the new operation!

Unique Features :
Now let’s get into some unique features of the all-new operation –

1. You can complete all the missions without actually purchasing the pass. You won’t get any operation rewards without buying the pass.

2. The Operation pass is most expensive in the history of all csgo operation passes.

3. Csgo shattered web is similar to fortnite and PUBG season passes.

4. The csgo web operation includes 100 levels, each with some rewards.

5. Missions in this operation are totally different when compared with the old operation.

Operation Shattered Web Missions

Operation Shattered Web Skins:

Now along with the operation, valve released a couple of new items in csgo –
1. Operation Shattered Web Crate
2. St. marc Collection
3. The Norse Collection
4. Classic Knives from old counter strike
5. The canals collection
6. Operation Shattered Web Sticker Collection
7. shattered Web Graffiti Collection
8. Shattered web Coin
9. The All-new Player models
New Maps :
With csgo new operation, comes new maps. So here is the list of new maps introduced with this operation –
1. Lunacy
2. Jungle
3. Studio

Where Lunacy is the map made by valve, whereas the jungle and studio are community-made maps.

Operation Shattered Web Rewards :

This csgo operation shattered web rewards follow a unique way of giving rewards to pass holders.
It uses “stars” as it’s a currency.
You can both earn and buy the starts.
If you want to earn stars, you can complete the given operation missions. There is a limited number of stars that can be earned per week that is 10 stars for the first week and 6 stars for upcoming weeks.

Rewards start from one starts from hundred stars.
The missions are enough to earn 100 stars and get all rewards once.
If you buy stars then you can earn those rewards repeatedly again and again for as much as times you want. We don’t think that it’s a good idea to spend money on stars. Rewards are not equivalent to the money you will spend on stars.

The operation is divided into 16 weeks and hence it’s the longest operation in the history of csgo.

Player Models :

This operation released something really new that is player models. Now you have the opportunity to change the look of your model which you use to play the game.

So the player models are divided into following parts :
1. Distinguished Agents
2. Superior Agents
3. Master Agents

Distinguished Agents are the basic level agents. Superior Agents are one level up the distinguished. Master Agents are extraordinary and most expensive agents of all.

Overall the operation increased the player base of csgo making it live again. The developer’s team will never let the game down. They always have a plan b to make the game alive when it’s on the edge of dying. Just complete all the csgo operation shattered web missions after csgo operation shattered web price.

The operation affected the community market of csgo, making the skin prices go down by as low as 40% of the normal price. Since people wanted to buy the operation pass. hence they are selling their csgo items for a lower price, lowering the current price.

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