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Gold Nova 1 Prime

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After Purchasing the Ranked Prime Account Gold Nova 1 Prime

Details will be sent to your registered email address with us. If you did not receive the email please check the spam folder once. You can also contact live chat support for assistance.
You will get the following details in your Email:

 - Steam username 
 - Steam password
 - Contact live chat support to change your email.

Website Product Features

  • Instant Delivery
  • Lifetime Account Access
  • Emails are not shared However, they can be changed by contacting live chat support.
  • Effective Customer tech Support
  • The steam account details are delivered to your Email within 7 sec (usually within 1 minute) by our advanced automatic software.
  • Supports all language versions.
  • The product can be used worldwide
  • YOU MUST HAVE STEAM INSTALLED AND CSGO DOWNLOADED TO YOUR COMPUTER. This is not a cd key you will receive steam account credentials (username-password).
  • You don’t need to have a steam account you will get an account with GN1 Rank.

Gold Nova 1 Prime Account Features:

You will get a steam account as follows:-

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Wins - 10+
 - Hours- Random
 - Rank - Gold Nova 1 Prime
 - STEAM LEVEL - Varies (Can be either Limited OR Unrestricted)

Although, All silvers try hard to get to the Gold Nova 1 rank which sounds like the real beginning of csgo competitive matchmaking. Gold Nova falls somewhere in the middle category, while they can take multiple kills and hear sounds they are not so good at strategizing and following calls. Moreover, these rank holders are also considered noobs by the supreme players. Above all, they save themselves from the silver embarrassment. If you are looking for an account to be used as a smurf of a one-time hack account gold nova should be your go-to product! Buy csgo cheap primes today!


Gold Nova 1 Prime is the second busiest tier out of the Gold and Silver leagues and the fullest one in the Gold league. The players in Gold Nova 1 Prime have a complete understanding of the basics of the game, such as recoil of particular guns and the specific spray patterns from time to time to clutch, also the significant point places to use tactical tricks like smokes and flashbangs. This rank comes as a proving pitch, where only the worthy succeeds further, and the rest stay back.

One requires more than just an excellent aim to be worthy of reaching Gold Nova 1 Prime and furthermore to get ahead in the gold tier. This tier consists of 8.64% of the CS: GO fighters worldwide, making it highly populated, but every player is different. The players vary according to their rank. But now, they have gained the basic knowledge of managing the cash in the game and specifics of their firearms with suitable armor. 

This is a significant milestone for many players to achieve. Gold Nova 1 Prime is the first rank one attains after coming out of the Silver league, and now the player is in the top 68% of the CS: GO gamers spread around the globe. The players in Gold Nova 1 do not have to face the silver humiliation anymore, but they are still called noobs by the actual PRO players; However, they have a good understanding of the game and can strategize at a novice level, they fail at following calls.

These players are not very good at coordination and teamwork, which they learn through the Gold tiers throughout their matches.  Gold Nova 1 Prime players are in the middle of the bell curve as they are still in the learning and training process.

One thing that they are good at is aiming, unfortunately aiming is not everything. They can seek and shoot well for sure, as aiming is one of the vital factors of first-person shooters. Players with previous experience in FPS do not have trouble settling in this game and can be found in this rank mostly.  One needs serious recoil mapping along with teamwork to seriously following the calls to rank up ahead. 

As soon as you buy an account from us, the account is instantly delivered to you with lifetime account access. We also have highly effective customer technical support with worldwide usage, and all languages are supported.

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