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Gold Nova 2 Prime

Buy Gold Nova 2 prime from CSGOSmurfNinja – #1 Place to Buy gold nova primes and csgo gn2 account. We offer instant delivery and replacement on all of our products. You can also have a look at our other accounts just by opening our store page or opening CSGO Smurf Accounts. For instance: csgo gold nova account and buy gold nova primes from us now! Every gamer needs a gold nova account for sale, Buy Gold Nova prime accounts to ensure they can play games uninterruptedly without fearing competitive cooldowns!

After Purchasing the Ranked Prime Account Gold Nova 2 Prime

Details will be sent to your registered email address with us. If you did not receive the email please check the spam folder once. You can also contact live chat support for assistance.
You will get the following details on your Email:

 - Steam username 
 - Steam password
 - Contact live chat support to change your email.

Website Product Features

  • Instant Delivery
  • Lifetime Account Access
  • Emails are not shared However, they can be changed by contacting live chat support.
  • Effective Customer tech Support
  • The steam account details are delivered to your Email within 7 sec (usually within 1 minute) by our advanced automatic software.
  • Supports all language versions.
  • The product can be used worldwide
  • YOU MUST HAVE STEAM INSTALLED AND CSGO DOWNLOADED IN YOUR COMPUTER. This is not a cd key you will receive steam account credentials (username-password).
  • You don’t need to have a steam account you will get an account with Gold Nova 2 Rank.

Gold Nova Account for sale Features:

You will get a steam account with as follows:-

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Wins - 10+
 - Hours- Random
 - Rank - Gold Nova 2 Prime
 - STEAM LEVEL - Varies (Can be either Limited OR Unrestricted)

Although All silvers try hard to get to the Gold Nova 2 rank which sounds like the entry-level to proness to them, the obsession simply does not end. csgo Gold Nova 2 account falls somewhere in the middle category, while they can take multiple kills and hear sounds they are not so good at strategizing and following calls. Moreover, these rank holders are also considered noobs by the supreme players. Above all, they save themselves from the silver embarrassment. If you are looking for an account to be used as a smurf of a one-time hack account gold nova should be your go-to product! Buy your csgo Gold Nova 2 account today!


Gold Nova 2 Prime is one of the good ranks and the second rank of the gold league. It is also known as Nova 2 or GN 2. Being in this particular rank puts one up in the top 59% of the CS: GO competitors worldwide, which implies that these players are approximately above and better than half of the CS:GO, competitors.  Gold nova 2 Prime holds 8.8% of the total players across the globe. Being in gold keeps getting better with time; this exhibits that these gamers are no longer newbies or greenies and stand a chance in the game.

They have a wide variety of skills and potential that must be polished and taken to further heights. Being in the largest populated tier can give one a hard time for match-making, especially when it is a non-prime account. Many players prefer a Gold Nova 2 Prime account to hike their way back up or practice again for a major league.

It is the best league to sharpen your skills and shake up the opponent teams since this is where the game begins to get tactical for real. One cannot win without a dash of strategy and knowledge of the game, including the various maps, guns, and their recoils and primary nading points. One also needs to have a good hold of the most basic functional tactical gear such as flashbangs and smoke grenades; these are serious lifesavers at times! 

Gold Nova 2 players are skilled enough to survive through a rigid clutch and at times can perform multi-kills with ease, but one thing they always miss out on is emphasizing the game as a team with a defined plan and directions so that one does not just rush site B and die.

Instead, a strategical plan with a like-minded squad could really help one get through ranks efficiently and maybe in lesser than expected time. Reaching Gold Nova 2 ideally takes about 100-500 hours, depending on the skillset and the match-making, which can be improved.

A regular account will make one go through griefers’ turmoil, and other players using plugins and mods to cheat; one just needs a new account. You can quickly get a new Gold Nova 2 prime account from our site to be instantly delivered to you and not only the speedy delivery but along with excellent customer support and lifetime warranty. The account has no cooldowns, which certifies no interruptions during the game.


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