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Gold Nova 3 Non Prime [Instant Delivery]

After Purchasing the Ranked Account (Gold Nova 3 Non Prime)

Your Details will be sent to your e-mail instantly after the order is completed.
You will get the following details in your Email:

 - Steam username 
 - Steam password
 - Contact live chat support to change your email.

You will get a steam account as follows:-

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Wins - 10+
 - Hours- 5+
 - Rank - Gold Nova 3 Non Prime
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These Accounts come with Low-Med Trust Factor.

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Gold Nova 3

Gold Nova 3 is the third rank in the Gold tier of levels in CS: GO. It is the second-highest rank in this tier and is just below Gold Nova Master. This rank constitutes the majority of the players in the game and is an excellent rank for players to be in. This is the rank that makes it above the top 50 percentile and is halfway between Silver 1 and Global Elite.

Reaching Difficulties

Players in Gold Nova 3 are not inexperienced and are expected to be able to have a respectable amount of skill which shows that they put the hours in. There is a lot less chance of trolls, beginners, and non-communicative teammates, which makes it an excellent rank for skilled players.

Overall, it makes the game much more enjoyable than playing in Silver or lower ranks. As it constitutes the top fifty percentile, it is expected to be challenging to get to this rank in the game. For players gradually developing their skill, it is challenging to progress even after being skilled enough, maybe because of bad teammates, trolls, or smurfers, and as such this rank becomes a target to achieve. 

Buying an account

Players experiencing such problems can buy a Gold Nova 3 account instead, and not worry about such issues. This is great for players quite skilled at the game but not wanting to deal with the hours required to get to this rank, or for players stuck at a particular rank. No longer is there a need to toil for more than five hundred hours, or be stuck with bad teammates who require carrying. They can focus on playing the game rather than worry about such hassles.


This is a good deal for smurfers too, as Gold Nova 3 can be a great place to practice for higher ranks. This doesn’t just make it an account to chill with, but also ensures that higher-ranked players can also practice their skills instead of killing everyone and being complacent with their skills. It’s the perfect balance between leisure and practice. This way, higher-ranked players can also play with their friends at lower levels, and since this is one of the most common ranks in the game, there is an excellent chance that most of their friends are about at this level.

Websites Selling Accounts

Players can buy GN3 smurf accounts from trusted websites like UVW and get it instantly delivered, and all of this is available at a very reasonable price. The price is insignificant compared to the effort a player has to put in to get to this level. 



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