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Silver 1 Non Prime [Instant Delivery]

After Purchasing the Ranked Account (S1 Non Prime)

Your Details will be sent to your e-mail instantly after the order is completed.
You will get the following details in your Email:

 - Steam username 
 - Steam password
 - Contact live chat support to change your email.

You will get a steam account as follows:-

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Wins - 10+
 - Hours- 5+
 - Rank - S1 Non Prime
Buy CSGO Silver 1 Non Prime Account from CSGO Smurf Ninja
These Accounts come with Low-Med Trust Factor.

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What is Silver 1 Non Prime?


Silver 1 Non prime is a rank in the online competitive game CS-GO. To play in the competitive mode in CS-GO, players must complete enough matches in other modes like deathmatch, casual, demolition, and arms race. Upon completion of enough games, competition is unlocked. After the completion of ten competitive matches, a grade is awarded.

In this system of ranking, there are eighteen ranks ranging from Silvers all the way to Global Elite. Silver 1 is the lowest rank of them all. It is the first rank awarded to a player upon completion of enough games. 

Players in Silver 1 are mostly absolute beginners, and most of them are still figuring out how to play the game and have no prior experience with online shooters. Silver 1 is also the rank that most smurfers prefer, and it can actually be quite challenging despite most players being beginners because of the smurfers.


Prime vs Non-Prime


Prime is a service in CS-GO to improve matchmaking, where only players having a Prime account are matched together. All other accounts fall in the category of Non-Prime. Sometimes, this system can be quite problematic and cause a few errors here and there.


Why get a Silver 1 Non-Prime Account?


This account is perfect for people who want to start new at the game and climb up the ladders on their own, and not want the help of any external service. Being the lowest rank, players can choose to go up on their own and fight for the race to the top. 

By buying this, players do not need to work the extra effort required to unlock the competitive mode, and neither do they need to play ten competitive matches just to get assigned a rank. They can instead focus completely and dedicate all their time to playing competitively and improving their rank.


As a Smurf Account


Players already higher up in the ranks can buy a Silver 1 Non-Prime account for smurfing. Being the lowest rank in the bunch, this is perfect for smurfers. 

Being the most popular rank for smurfers, people buying this service for smurfing can feel like a God and go on chilling. Things will not be extremely easy though because of other smurfers, and it can prove just the right amount of occasional competition for smurfing. 


Buying Option


Players wanting to buy a Silver 1 Non-Prime account can purchase it directly from websites like XXX and instantly get it delivered. This is the perfect Non-Prime account, for smurfers and new players alike.



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