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SMFC Prime Account [Instant Delivery]

After Purchasing the Ranked Account (SMFC Prime)

Your Details will be sent to your e-mail instantly after the order is completed.
You will get the following details in your Email:

 - Steam username 
 - Steam password
 - Contact live chat support to change your email.

You will get a steam account as follows:-

 - Counter Strike - Global Offensive
 - Wins - 10+
 - Hours- 10+
 - Rank - SMFC Prime
 - STEAM LEVEL - Varies (Can be either Limited OR Unrestricted)
Buy CSGO Supreme Master First Class or SMFC Prime Account from CSGO Smurf Ninja
These Accounts come with Prime Status & Low-Med Trust Factor. 
Buy now and own the silver noobs with the Supreme Master First Class Prime  CSGO Skill group account!

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SMFC Prime

Supreme Master First Class is also abbreviated as SMFC Prime or called Supreme. The second highest rank out of the lot indeed demands a lot from the player, investing time and massive efforts with catching up on every slip due to any hacker or plug-in users.  Supreme Master First class is like the silver stand before the golden peak of the global elite. Being the second-highest rank, not many players can make it here.

Everyone wants to, but only a few reach. Players in this rank are in the top 3.4% of all the CS: GO players around. Supreme Master First class accounts for only 2.6% of the overall CS: GO warriors worldwide. The gamers here have put in a lot and more than the previous ranks, which are also hard to attain. It takes enormous efforts to analyze oneself and work on the tactics; every gamer has a specific play pattern, which brings him through every match.

 But a single trick cannot go through the whole ride, and change is never easy to embrace. These players are vastly respected throughout the CS:GO community and followed around for other tricks of the trade and other tactics.

SMFC Prime is only one rank away from the top, which brings immense value to the position. Everybody wants to be on the top, but hardly people word for it, so we have a smart solution. You can quickly get a prime account with your desired top ranks from us in a jiffy. The account does not have any cooldowns to make sure there are no interruptions to your winning streak. Unlike other sites, we stay along with our customers through the game with all the backup and support whenever needed. This great package of ours comes at an extremely reasonable price and instant delivery.

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