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CSGO Prime Bundles


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Buy CSGO Prime Accounts

Released back in 2012, It’s been almost a decade and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the number 1 game in the world. Topping the steam charts with the highest concurrent players and most hours spent in a game per month. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the boss of all shooter games that is available.

The main reason why this game is being played until now is because of its unique mechanics. It is definitely not your classic Call of Duty game where you can run n’ gun. It is rather a game that requires holding angles and working together as a team. CSGO provides a wide range of game modes that include deathmatch, casual, Arms race, Demolition, Flying scoutsman and, Competitive.

Buy CSGO prime accounts also offers community servers where players can rent servers and customize it however they want. The Competitive game mode is the deal, The Competitive game mode is a 30 round game mode between the terrorists and counter-terrorists.

The first team to win 16 rounds win the game. The winners of the rounds get more money and the losers get less which clearly shows that this game mode is economically driven. You have to manage your economy and win the game.

This game mode is what keeps the game going as players battle simply, buy csgo prime accounts and you will be out to be the best. As gaming organizations around the world find talents and try to win majors, Players try to prove their worth.

CSGO Matchmaking

Buy CSGO prime accounts provides two types of matchmaking to their players. Ever since the game went free (back in 2018), The matchmaking split into two parts,

  • Prime matchmaking
  • Non-Prime matchmaking

Prime matchmaking is for the players with prime accounts which provides a lot of benefits including safe matchmaking. When you get the game now in steam, your CSGO account will be a non-prime account. Non-prime accounts won’t be able to enjoy what prime accounts can and the risk of being matched with or against a hacker is also high.

Prime matchmaking

Prime matchmaking is the safest and most trusted matchmaking that CSGO has to offer. The sole purpose of introducing prime matchmaking is to eliminate smurfs and hackers. As the game became free in December 2018, Expecting lots of hackers in a free game is logical and, that is why CSGO introduced Prime matchmaking. Prime matchmaking reduces the risk of being matched with cheaters and it offers much more exciting stuff.

What are the advantages of Prime Matchmaking

  • Prime matchmaking is the safest and most trusted type of matchmaking CSGO has to offer.
  • Prime matchmaking is introduced mainly to deny cheaters from spoiling competitive games.
  • Prime matchmaking reduces the risk of being matched with cheaters and thus improving the quality of competitive games
  • Having a CSGO Prime account offers exclusive skins such as MP5-SD Agent and much more.
  • Prime account provides access to community servers which is also an important part of the game. Community servers are definitely worth visiting!

Why do I need Prime Account

Prime accounts protect you from cheaters and smurfs most of the time. Buy csgo prime accounts and You get exclusive in-game skins and You can access community servers. Upgrading to prime adds more value to your account and your account will be considered as a trusted account.

How do I get prime matchmaking?

There are two ways to get prime status on your CSGO account. You can get prime status by reaching level 21 or By upgrading your account to prime by paying Rs.1050. These are the only ways to get prime accounts. If you owned CSGO before the Danger Zone update (Before December 2018) your CSGO account will automatically be upgraded to prime.

I am level 21 and How do I get Prime?

To verify Prime Status on your account, press the ‘Play’ icon in the upper left and look for a green coin and ‘PRIME ENABLED’ on the next screen. If you have recently reached Profile Level 21 you don’t need to do anything – users are automatically opted into Prime Status after reaching Profile Level 21.

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