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What is Valorant?

Valorant aka Project A is a 5v5 Character-based Tactical FPS that is being developed by Riot Games. Riot Games is the creator of League of Legends, the famous Free-to-Play MOBA, which was inspired from World of Warcraft.

Valorant Accounts

Valorant has a team of exceptional developers that are active and listen to their community, most of them are from League of Legends and other games but most importantly the developers are Counter-Strike players.

The game was announced as Project A back in 2019, Riot made very bold claims that they were going to release a game that eliminated Peaker’s advantage. Buy Valorant Accounts eventually released the Closed beta for players in Europe, Canada, Russia, Turkey, and North America on April 7, 2020. The game is split into two regions, the NA region, and the EU region.

Currently, Valorant is in closed beta. There are only three ways you can get a game account.

  1.       Be a very special person and get a direct invite to the game.
  2.       Watch Twitch streams to get a Valorant Beta Key Drop.
  3.       Buying a Valorant Account from us.

Valorant is a first-person shooter that relies heavily on teamwork. It can be compared to Counter-Strike as the game shares many similarities, like Gun Recoil and maps.

Valorant Gameplay

This game is a combination of Counter-Strike and Overwatch, as their gameplay elements and mechanics are very similar. Valorant is a team-based tactical first-person shooter set in the near future.

The teams consist of 5 players each, Players have to take on the role of an “Agent”, as of writing this article there are 10 Agents. Each Agent has a different set of skills and abilities, depending on which agent you pick you can dramatically impact the course of the game.

The game has 7 types of weapons which include pistols, submachine guns, shotguns, machine guns, assault rifles, and sniper rifles. Each weapon has a unique recoil pattern that has to be controlled and mastered by the player to shoot accurately.

There are two sides in Valorant, The Defenders and Attackers. The defenders have to defend the bomb sites from the attackers or to win the round, the objective of the Defenders is to kill all the attackers or defuse the “spike” which is the bomb. Similarly, the attackers have to defeat the defenders to win the round, the objective of the Attackers is to kill all of the defenders or successfully plant and blow up the “spike”.

At the start of every round, players can buy weapons and abilities using the money they have accumulated. There are a total of 24 rounds, with each team swapping sides after the first 12 rounds, the first team to reach 13 wins the game.

Valorant Gameplay

Buy Valorant Accounts

Valorant is currently in closed beta as Riot Games have decided to test for exploits and glitches. The only way for a regular person to get Valorant closed beta access is to watch Twitch Streams that have drops enabled. It is very difficult and depends on your luck if you would get a Closed beta key. The easiest way is to Buy Valorant Accounts. You can get a Valorant EU Region or Valorant NA Region access in the drop!

Many people will try to sell you a Valorant Closed beta key. This is a scam because Riot does not offer Valorant Beta Keys. The Buy Valorant accounts that have the closed beta access will already have the Beta Key from Twitch. Here at, we sell Valorant closed beta accounts for a cheap price.

Valorant Power Level

Depending on your Region we can offer you a Valorant EU Region account or Valorant NA Region account. These game accounts are verified to have the Valorant Beta Access, the Buy Valorant Accounts is ready to play. We offer instant delivery, cheap prices, and provide you with all the credentials associated with the buy Valorant account. The original owner of the account will have no access and you can change anything you want.


Power Leveling

Power leveling (PL) is the term used to define leveling, where players spend countless hours playing a game with the intent to level up an account in the game in as little time as possible or simply Buy Valorant Accounts. 

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Here at we provide you with the service of leveling up your Valorant Account for a cheap price and also Buy Valorant Accounts and Valorant NA Region Accounts!

This is most sought after by players who do not have the time to sit and level up their accounts or unlock a certain Agent or achievement.

For this process, you have to provide us with your Valorant account credentials, we will then assign one of our professional PowerLevelers to level up and develop your account. Your account details will be kept securely with us, in case you don’t feel safe you can change your password after the order has been completed. Buy Valorant Accounts

During this process, Do not login to your account as this will raise warning flags due to the game logging multiple-logins and different IPs, this might compromise your account and we are not responsible.

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