Well, we care for our community too. As a result, we have a free csgo report Bot installed right here to ban players using csgo hacks and csgo aim hack. Therefore, to ensure ban csgo hackers and ensure csgo remains clean of cheaters. Our developers have made a code that csgo overwatch report suspected cheaters to get them banned as soon as possible. However, we also suggest that report botting does not work anymore. It is rightly said RIP Report botting. Then what does this service do? It still sends mass reports to players with no guarantee of them being banned. CSGO Commendbot also keeps getting fixed by Valve but our developers ensure global offensive rip report botting does not remain fixed forever. We provide bans to premium csgo cheat users and we ban cheaters. You can send unlimited reports on our platform.

  • Please enter your name.
  • Enter victim's steam profile link eg,
  • Enter the match link in which the victim was hacking example: steam://rungame/730/76561202255233023/+csgo_download_match%20CSGO-UUyyC-phVHU-ChPr4-KsDxB-JoBhP
CSGO Smurf Ninja

What do we need a CSGO Report Bot?

Counterstrike Global Offensive is filled of hackers and people who are toxic ruining the game experience of everyone playing with or against them. We directly mass report players to send the player to overwatch inspectors which then decide if the person is clean or not. People have wrong idea about csgo reportbot they think they can ban even clean players with it but that’s not how things work. It’s just not fun anymore but about winning the game. They want to win anyhow in the game regardless of the consequences. This effects mostly the beginners who need to get better at the game and the professionals who need to make a name of themselves. The report bot isdesigned to ban cheaters by sending unlimited reports, we need the steam community clean of cheaters. CSGO is still one of the most popular games but is getting destroyed every day with the hackers in play. It is not the report bot that needs to be fixed forever it is the counterstrike global offensive cheat detection that needs work. This is where the Premium CSGO Report Bot comes into play.


You put the player’s steam URL and the game link where you think he was hacking. Then you can leave it up to us. Out automatic system does everything from reporting the player’s in-game profile to the steam profile. Yes, while other services in the market offer real bot services which can be detected by steam and will be banned, our automation is non-detectable and will work flawlessly. You can easily get someone banned using out report bot which is quite easy to use. 

What is a Report Bot?

As the name says, this is a bot that reports the accounts when put into it. A report bot account is very useful in mass reporting a profile in a community that may or may not lead to a ban on the account. Since this is a bot, the chances of getting banned are less as compared to a real bot. Still, it is worth a try instead of going around asking people to report a particular person or profile. Here we’re not talking about any regular report bot but a CSGO report bot. 

If you are frustrated by hackers and have some of the profile links, you can enter in our form and leave the rest upto our automated system.

How does the CSGO Report Bot work?

We have thousands of steam and CSGO linked accounts that are automated in our servers. These accounts are from various locations so there’s very little chance of getting our accounts getting banned. These accounts report both the CSGO and community accounts so that the reputation of the hacker drops in the market. 

The mass reports will send the account and the match to an Overwatch guy who can decide if the player should be banned or not. Overwatch guys are high-level players who know about hackers and which player is actually playing with a cheat. The success rate of the report bot is quite high when compared to some regular reports from player accounts.

Why use our CSGO report bot?

Free: We don’t charge in banning the hackers in CSGO. Therefore we are giving this premium service for free. We believe the cleaner the game, the better for the players. 


Steam ban: Unlike other websites, we don’t just report the player in-game but the steam account too. This makes sure the player is not able to play CSGO or any other game through their steam account. Unlike our competitors, we spent a lot of time developing this software and system that helps people get rid of toxicity in the game. 


Legit: There are a lot of fake services in the market which provide you fake reports and most of them just want to collect your data. We have to build a trustworthy brand in the market which is supported by thousands of users online. 


Smart bots: As mentioned above, our bots are capable of reporting steam community accounts too. These bans are issues from multiple accounts and different locations to make sure the reports seem real and not an actual bot. To ensure it works, we have set a limit per report which increases the effectiveness of our bot. 

Why do we offer CSGO Report Bot for free?

Our priority is to get the community clean. We want to do that anyhow so we want players throughout the world helping us in doing that. Since the number of hackers is less than the real fans of the game, they can be a great help in banning them and making the work for Valve Inc. easier.


Go ahead, copy the steam link of suspect csgo hackers, and put the link into our csgo free report Bot. Sit back, relax, and wait for the magic to happen. Our report bot serves justice and hacker is banned almost the same day!


You might have seen broken overwatch system of csgo go does not get cheaters banned. For the reason that a hacker never gets enough reports. You might have also been disappointed by all those report bot sites that charge tons of money to ban csgo hackers. Therefore we have come up with a solution that will help you to csgo overwatch report the ones that do not deserve to be a part of this csgo community.


First of all, we send mass reports against the steam link that you submit above. As a result, the cheater is forced to csgo overwatch report and furthermore it leads to ban csgo aimware.


Without you, it’s not possible to make the game clean and ban csgo aimware users. So don’t ignore any suspicious activity by any player you play with. Make sure you report them using our csgo free report bot hereafter reporting in-game. We will send mass reports for that profile and get it banned soon.


Our free csgo report Bot is blazing fast and effective. Consequently, no player using csgo hacks can enjoy his fake skills for an extended time.


It would help if you always remembered not to start hacking by yourself or getting influenced by another hacker. Furthermore, hacking is not at all cool. Also, it just ruins the gameplay and makes things worse for everyone, so better play clean and use our report Bot. As a result, you can buy csgo prime accounts from our store to play without hackers.