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CSGO Vertigo Boosting

Like every other competitive first-person shooter out there, a player cannot win every match he plays, and CSGO is special. At times the players might get frustrated or bored with the match-making, sometimes even with prime accounts. These below-average players need another sideway to rank up and stand on the same level as others.

Vertigo boosting is the perfect solution for that. Vertigo boosting a simple boosting method for CSGO where the client is set to play against AFK (away from the keyboard bots) to win all the rounds spontaneously.

Every match takes about 8-10 minutes ranks the player further up in mere 2-3 minutes. At times, the games may take 15- 20 minutes at the most, never more than that. Vertigo Boosting is the fastest boosting method available without getting the player banned. As one is playing with bots so, the player will not get reported or get overmatched.

The nature of CS: GO is highly competitive, and still, the game holds its position high among the best FPS games on a PC. Being a tactical shooter, the game demands a lot from the player; to prepare and brace for every encounter and impact.

The knowledge and the gameplay differentiate the noobs from the PRO players. But the undeniable fact is that CS: GO is a team game, so no matter how good one plays, one cannot always carry the team and win every round. Carrying the group is often irritating and frustrates one to the core, so this boosting service seems a viable option for all the players out there.

What is Vertigo Boosting service?

Unlike what the gamers understand vertigo boosting is not boosting using panel software. Vertigo boosting has been in the scene way before any panel was introduced and will remain in the market even after the vertigo panels are detected. We at CSGO Smurf Ninja never encourage the use of such panels.

They interface with the game like any other cheat. They will be detected and VAC or suspension will be soon issued to the users. new methods that come to the market like these panels are too much for the community.

The work that these panels do can also be done by players by hand, that is the most effective method of boosting. Efficiency is maintained in the longer run, boosting manually ensures there are no bans.

Manually 10 games are opened on a PC and then by hand various vertigo boost tricks are used to rank up or rank down the accounts. The game can either end with a tie or a win on 1 side. Various tricks used in vertigo boost are:

  1. Alternate Win Method
  2. Tie
  3. Consecutive Win Method

To achieve different ranks the accounts are queued with various ranks.

The process begins just after the transaction, and our professional staff guarantees a swift flight to your desired ranks with the safety ensured with encryption.

What features does the panel have?

The panel is well featured enough to open many CS: GO accounts at once and create a lobby itself. Further, automatically accept the competitive matches and connect or disconnect for the auto-win, and all this with multi-lingual support.


  • Efficient and time-saving

Without a doubt, vertigo boosting is the finest. As it is both energy and time-efficient so unlike the usual times where one must put in and grind a lot of hours and effort and even miss some vital deadlines or events, this solves it all. All the tactical first-person shooters require consistency and efforts of long durations to reach a particular level. Vertigo Boosting allows gamers to invest that time and energy somewhere else.

  • Performance ensured

We provide the special CSGO rank boosting services with highly prominent for their money back policy and guarantee. If we cannot boost your account we provide you with a complete money-back guarantee.

  • Rank Boosting

CSGO Boosting with us will help your record collect XP to step up your rank faster than imagination.. You can spare a ton of time in sweat-soaked anterooms and adhere to the genuine players whenever you have bought CSGO Boosting. In CSGO, there is a prerequisite for players to arrive at a specific account level before they are permitted to line up for serious mode.

As somebody capable in the game, confronting this obstruction is a task effectively fathomed with a productive CSGO help in under 24 hours as opposed to playing for longer than seven days.

This is the top choice for players looking for fast and special skilled services. Why squander energy on a 60%-win rate CSGO support that takes more than 48 hours when you could utilize a totally quicker, better, fast and overwatch ban-free technique?

Is Vertigo Boosting safe?

Our gratitude to the automated lobbies where you play close by bots against other bot rivals is feasible. This will make you invisible from overwatch bans. Since the game totally comprises bots confronting one another, players can’t report you. Furthermore, you will likewise win 100% of the CSGO serious games you play, catapulting you to a lot higher position just under the wire.

With any position you need, Vertigo CSGO Boosting can get you there in under 24 hours.

Vertigo Boosting illuminates these issues, as the foe you are confronting comprises bots from our offered support, turning AFK in them brings forth to avert your interruptions. Our superior Vertigo Boosting administrations ensure a smooth rank up without harmful players and smurfing adversary groups.

We must set a quiet and controlled climate for any CSGO player to get supported as far as possible up their fantasy rank, giving a dependable option to agonizingly crushing in openly positioned CS: GO entryways.

Dissimilar to customary CSGO support where you need to give your record to another player, the terrible comrade and cheater/hacker for the combo is totally taken out from your ongoing interaction. Outsider players do not have to get to your record.

Everything you got to do is join our entryway and play.



Our expertly prepared boosters will make you join an entryway of Global Elite’s combined up with other Global Elites on the contrary lobby. You will not be taking any kills in the game to ensure your account does not get hailed or prohibited. The entire process will be facilitated over Discord!

Is Vertigo Boosting still functional?

Addressing the rumours floating around saying that vertigo boosting is longer functional and has been patched. We will all soon see the panels going out of the market.

That is certainly not the case; none can patch up the complete process. This establishment of dependable and low-priced boosting still works fine to better the availability of higher ranks while maintaining substantial expertise.

Are steam account credentials required?

Well, this entirely depends on the client. If it is not feasible to be online throughout the whole boosting process to join our boosters lobby, you can quickly turn on Family View on your account and provide us with the credentials.

Counter-Strike Global Offensive or CSGO gives players an exciting involvement in various gaming modes. Attributable to its expanded interest and prominence, firms are offering more reasonable bundle bargains. Rank boosting is a practical and cost-proficient technique for accomplishing more faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you guys take my steam account details?

This totally depends upon you, if it very difficult for you to be online throughout the boosting process to join our boosters in the lobby, you can switch on Family View on your steam account and give us the credentials!

Do you use Hacks or 3rd party software to boost us?

Unlike other providers we don’t use any cheats or 3rd party programs including “Vertigo Panels”, this software can be detected by steam anytime and the accounts can get suspended. For your security, we use our special techniques for Vertigo Boosting. We have in house product of csgo accounts for more than 2 years now!

Is Vertigo Boosting a new concept?

This is absolutely untrue, we ourselves have been using these techniques for boosting accounts even before the website started. We are the leading providers of CSGO Accounts worldwide and we are in the boosting business for over 5 years now. Yes, that is what we are saying Vertigo Boosting is at least 5 years old.


Our professionally trained boosters will make you join a lobby of Global Elite’s paired up with other Global Elites in the opposite lobby. You will not be taking any kills in the game to make sure your account doesn’t get flagged or banned. All this will be coordinated over Discord!

Can I Get VAC/Overwatch banned for this?

Absolutely not, as we are not running any 3rd party software you cannot get a ban. For overwatch to work you need somebody to report you but as your team as well as the opponents will be our accounts no one will report these games and there is absolutely no chance of you getting an overwatch!

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