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The famous esports game: League of Legends

League of Legends is one of the big players in the MOBA genre alongside DOTA 2. LoL falls under the genre of games that are “Multiplayer Online Battle Arena” which is short for MOBA. LoL is made and developed by Riot games and was initially released back on October 27th, 2009.

Players have to choose one out of 150 champions with each of them belonging to a class and having their own set of unique abilities. The default game mode lasts anywhere from 20mins to 1hr.

There are two teams that consist of 5 players each that are spread across 3 Lanes(Top, Mid, Bottom) and a Jungle on Summoner’s Rift which is the default map.

The Main Goal in League of Legends is to destroy the Nexus which is well secured and is located near the spawn of both teams at opposing diagonal corners of the map. The first one to break the enemy team’s nexus wins, but this structure is well fortified and surrounded by towers and inhibitors.

Players must break towers and also complete various objectives across the map to gain an advantage over the opposing team to finally break the nexus.

What is a LOL Smurf account?

A League of Legends smurf account is a level 30 account that has no unranked stats and comes either with a set of champions unlocked or essence to unlock the characters you wish. Smurfs are meant to be accounts that you can use at any time to either practice or tryhard without worrying about affecting the stats on your main account. All smurf accounts that we offer are level 30 which means they are ranked ready.

When you buy LoL smurf from us you get full access to the account and you can even change the email if you want to. CSGO Smurf Ninja guarantees that all accounts have no ranked history and low-priority queues.

How long does it take to level up an account?

A lot of players usually think it’s very easy to get to level 30 to play ranked, but the fact is levelling up in League of Legends is a time-consuming process.
To get to level 30 you would need to earn a total of 37,392XP.

Now, How much XP will you earn per game?

TIME: total time in seconds (15:00 => 900 seconds).

XP= (TIME × (XP/s) + Base XP)


XP = (TIME × 0.11 + 6.6)


XP = (TIME × 0.09 + 5.4)

You can expect an average of 100-300 XP per game, doing some quick maths you would need to spend over 100 to 120 hours of non-stop playing. This does not include XP-boosts which would make it a little easier but you’d still have to but in a significant number of hours.

Why should you get a smurf account?

By now you should have realized that grinding XP to reach level 30 in this game takes a very long time. If you already have a level 30 account doing this again is very frustrating.

Having a smurf account comes with its own advantages. If you are a high tier player just wanting to play and place your off-role character or if you just like to play with a bunch of friends without affecting your main account then look no further.

You can also play on a lower ELO and carry a lot of games to show off your skills or just to practice a new character and improve your mastery without getting destroyed in higher ELO games affecting your rank. 

Lucky for you we at CSGOSmurfNinja offer high-quality smurf accounts with just a few clicks at a very cheap price. Buying a League of Legends account has never been easier, as soon as the payment is complete you will receive the credentials to the account in your mail. Our smurf accounts come with all runes unlocked and come with the default 5 rune pages along with 3 free slots that you can customize for your character.

We suggest each LOL player who is wanting to turn into a total and high-ELO proficient to buy LOL smurf account unranked to augment happiness and learning. 

Players use smurf accounts in LOL for different reasons as well. To play positioned games with companions on lower ELO, purchasing an unranked buy LOL smurf account can be arranged.

Most importantly, you can appreciate the game in the ideal way that could be available, which is the best part of each positioned game. It is like ELO boosting when the promoter plays in games where he is routed ahead contrasted with different elements in aptitude level.

It is not just fun, yet it causes you to improve your game arrangement and ability level. Understanding the game in a lower ELO by playing on the buy LOL smurf account can help you improve as a player when it comes to playing on your fundamental account. Still, have questions? Buy LOL smurf account now, and experience it for yourself.

As playing set games with companions is a definitive method to appreciate LOL, this choice can be the quickest method to begin.

  • Every pro player has a buy LOL smurf account; this is their key to maintain a high ELO. As no player can always be at his peak performance; hence a smurf account makes things easier. One plays on the LOL smurf while not at their peak gameplay and keeps their rank high with their main account simultaneously. They ensure that their peak gameplay is at their main account and have fun and practice with the LOL smurfs.


  • One can play without fear with a LOL smurf account. It makes sure that no MMR is lost and keep the win rate high with the main account. You can also quickly try out new tricks of the trade and imply any new strategies developed previously. 
  • A buy LOL smurf account offers a lower rank hence allows one to play with any friends in the lower ranks of the game. As we all have been in a dilemma sometimes or the other to play with our main account or not, LOL smurf account solves it all.
  • You can try out every champion you ever wanted to but could not be due to the pressure to maintain the high rank and not go into ELO hell. LOL, smurf account allows you to freely try any champion you like without worrying about the rank and have fun. 
  • Many gamers rank up swiftly and miss out on the stuff in the previous leagues, which they levelled up so fast. To fulfill that curiosity, the buy LOL smurf account allows you to see how that experience is like without affecting your main account’s ranking.


  • Nobody has a winning streak forever; we all have our highs and lows as a gamer, and there are certain times when you are just not having a good day. This is where the buy LOL smurf account comes in and saves the day. It allows you to switch over and feel like a king again. The lower ranks allow the experienced players to win easily and blow off some steam anytime they like.
  • As a gamer, we all want to test our limits, and an unranked LOL smurf account permits you to see how far you can go with a fresh MMR. A test run is always a good step for every gamer; it allows one to explore hidden talents and increase the skills with immense experience.


  • A LOL smurf account also enables the player to have a backup account in case one gets banned, or the account gets hacked, or some other digital mishap. Another factor is the long queues. It also saves the players time from the long matchmaking queues as the high ELO players contribute to the large queue times.
  • At the point when players arrive at a specific ability level, line times can get very long. This is particularly obvious in the Master and Challenger divisions, which have little matchmaking pools. When line times reach more than 30 minutes, you can comprehend why individuals may get tired. 
  • You could finish an entire LOL coordinate in that time! Besides, on the off chance that you are a decoration like numerous higher ELO players are, at that point, you do not need your watchers to need to endure 30 minutes of you perusing out gifts.


One of the top reasons players purchase a LOL account is that it spares them time to level the account normally. At present, you need roughly 20,042 XP to will level 30. With no sponsor packs, each game will give a normal of 90 XP per coordinate. This implies that you will require over 90 hours to arrive at level 30, expecting that each match will take at any rate of 25 minutes, rather than investing this energy levelling and buy LOL smurf account instead.


Another significant explanation you ought to consider purchasing a LOL account is that you can switch without much stretch switch areas. Presently, the EUW is the most severe district as far as expertise, and most would need to play with players from these areas to test their ability.

On the off chance that you live in Europe and play on EU west workers, you cannot play along with significant parts in the USA playing on the NA workers, which appears unjustifiable. Even though you can purchase a worker move utilizing the Riot Store for 2600 RP, which is about $20, whenever you have exchanged, it very well may be challenging to switch back once more. Luckily, there is a basic answer to this. 

You can buy LOL smurf account on the NA workers and begin playing with your USA companions in no time. Likewise, you do not need to go through weeks or months levelling up to level 30. On the off chance that you buy LOL smurf accounts from us, you will have enough BE to acquire a scope of Champs ideal for duo/solo line or positioned ones.

Why buy from CSGOSmurfNinja?

To begin, when you purchase from us, you are buying from an entirely respectable source. While our site is one of the leading vendors, our image is confided in the smurfing network and has been around for an exceptionally lengthy timespan. 

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We offer a lifetime guarantee and live talk uphold for all buy LOL Smurf account holders. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us every minute of every day on the off chance you encounter any challenges. With a buy LOL smurf from us, you are covered forever! 

Here at CSGOSmurfNinja, we know what it is like to grind the game and spend a long time just to level up the account to play ranked with your friends or to just smurf.

We offer you a buy LoL smurf account at the cheapest price on the market, this also includes 24×7 live support to assist you with any issue that occurs during and after your purchase. All accounts are verified to match the product description before it is given to the customer.

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