What are prime and non-prime accounts?

There are millions of players playing the game out of which a number of players indulge in activities like hacking and cheating which make the game hard for others. This is the reason there was a decline in the player base in recent years. Shop CSGO accounts have ranks that are gotten by playing the game and earning experience points. There are about 40 ranks in total starting from level 1. When a player purchases an account from the official shop CSGO accounts Steam page, the player gets an account that starts at private rank 21. Private rank 21 is the marginal line between a prime and a non-prime account. And likewise, when a player gets a free account from Valve, it starts from level 1 and has it be leveled up from scratch.

When the player hits private rank 21 on a non-prime account, he can upgrade his account to a prime account by linking his unique phone number with the account.


Prime status vs non-prime status:

There’s a major advantage when you buy a prime Shop CSGO accounts and that is ‘prime matchmaking’. Prime matchmaking lets you play and compete against players whose ‘trust factor’ is pretty high when compared to normal players. A higher trust factor means that the player is a positive member of the community, while a lower trust factor means that the player is a negative or toxic player. Hence you don’t really have to worry about hackers, throwers, and cheaters who ruin your game. Prime accounts will never get placed with or against a non-prime account unless they queue with a non-prime account. Though reducing hackers and cheaters, buying a prime account does not ensure that you will be completely free from the toxic hacking experience in your game but decreases the chances of getting a hacker in your game. 


You can upgrade to Prime account by reaching level 21 in-game. It takes about 100 hours to reach level 21 in-game. 100 hours of grind gets you Prime matchmaking. You can also upgrade your Non-Prime account to a Prime account by buying Prime status for 15$

What are the ranks offered in the high-tier accounts?

The ranks offered are very high, starting from Master Guardian, Distinguished Master Guardian to SMFC, and Global Elite. 

You definitely cannot get this high in rank without grinding tons of hours. And moreover getting a high-rank like SMFC with tons of goodies like Coins, Service medals, and much more at a reasonable price is really a catch. Why would you buy any other account when you can get a high-tier account with just a little more cash? Are you a famous Streamer looking for another alternative account to play? We got you covered.

What is the advantage of a service medal account?

Service Medal accounts add so much value to your Shop CSGO accounts. It shows how much you have grinded the game. If your shop CSGO accounts has more Service Medals then that increases your trust factor. Service Medal acts as proof that your account is a Main account but not a smurf or some other account.  Service Medals are purely considered as a souvenir. Shop csgo Accounts without Service Medals are often doubted by other players.

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