CSGO Music Kits 101 – The Ultimate Easy Guide

csgo music kits

CSGO Music Kits 101 – The Ultimate Easy Guide

csgo music kits
CSGO Music Kits 101 - The Ultimate Easy Guide

Counter-Strike Global Offensive has a unique way of making the gamers happy and keeping them in the game. We have seen a lot of updates in the game which became an instant hit among the players. One of the best ways people enjoy CSGO is by having some light music in the background especially if you are practising and sharpening your skills, called csgo music kits. It helps you concentrate just on the right proportion without disturbing your game flow. But as said, everything should be in the right amount and too much of it can harm your concentration. You do not want to be distracted, do you?  

This is one of the methods while the other one which is popular in the community is the official CSGO Music Kits. While they might not be the best choice for some people, most gamers do love having a good background track playing behind in the game.

This feature was not available initially in the game. It was announced 2 years after the official game was launched. CSGO did not have any choice to play additional music in the game. Players only had the default music from the creators. Considering the old editions of Counter-Strike, the updated music of CSGO was definitely an upgrade but the Music Kit update in 2014 did prove that Valve cares about their audience and will do anything to keep them happy. Before jumping to what types of CSGO Music Kits are available, let us throw some light onto what CSGO Music Kits are in the game.  

What are CSGO Music kits?  

The default fonts in the game can be quite boring and people need a change occasionally. Therefore, to overcome this, gamers can have additional paid CSGO Music Kits in the game which can change the default music at many instances of the game. Most people think that a music kit in CSGO just plays the music when the player who owns the kit gets an MVP for that round. If you have no idea what MVP is, when you play competitive games, MVP stands for Most Valuable Player in the round. So, if a player has a kit, and he gets an MVP, special music from the kit will be played after the round ends.  

Some people think this is the only Job of a music kit but unfortunately, they are wrong. When you own a music kit, it gives you unique music sounds for multiple elements in the game. To make it easier, we have compiled a list of the elements which are included in a CSGO music kit in-game. 

  • Main menu 
  • Round start 
  • Round end 
  • Bomb Planted or Hostage Taken 
  • Bomb warning 
  • Won round 
  • Lost round 
  • Round end warning 
  • Death camera 
  • MVP 

If you have been playing this game for a while, you might know that every element of this game has a different or unique sound. But if you did not know about this, yes changing these sounds using a new kit is possible in the game. One of the elements is the Round End Warning and Bomb Warning which are notified by a strange stock sound if you don’t own an external music kit. With this said, let us have a look at some of the best csgo music kits in the game.  

The Best CSGO Music Kits

There are currently 39 different sets of csgo music kits in the game and it depends on personal preference what you like and decides to go for. These are some of the best and owned by professional players in the game. Don’t follow blindly on what we list, you can try according to what you like and buy the same.   

  • Austin Wintory – Desert Fire 
  • Dren – Deaths Head Demolition 
  • Feed Me – High Noon 
  • Noisia – Sharpened 
  • Daniel Sadowski – The 8-bit Kit 

Do note that these kits are premium and you can only get them by purchasing them from the store or official drops. These drops happen anytime and through playing any mode. You just need to be a little lucky to get one of these in drops.  

What? You thought this, is it? Even these kits have a premium version which can be even more useful in some situations.  

What are StatTrek Music Kits?  

If you’re not familiar with this term in CSGO, this is a premium version of a particular item in game. Similarly, here, you have a better version of the csgo music kits priced a little higher than the regular one. StatTrek version of csgo music kits can help you keep track of the MVP’s you score from all your matches in the game. After every MVP you gain, the kit does its thing and plays the music alongside keeping track of the number of MVP’s you gained since the time you owned the kit.  

Do note that these StatTrek kit drops are quite rare in the game but you can purchase them as the prices for these items don’t fluctuate a lot. You can use them to show off in the lobby among your friends or unknowns in the game.  

Are these Music Kits for You?  

It totally depends on what are your requirements and how you want to enjoy the game. If you’re a serious player in the game, you might not like the concept of csgo music kits. Chances are, you have even blocked the stock music in the game. In that case, it’s not worth spending your money on these kits and you will turn them off after using them for a while. 

On the other hand, if you’re a player who enjoys some music in the game, these are definitely worth buying. Gives you a change of tone and keeps you focused in the game.  

If you don’t have the budget or no drops, you can use external software to input music from the computer into the game. The method is quite easy and many people are using it since people find it useless to spend for something like this on a game. Do comment below if some kit was missed while creating this article.   

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